12 Ways to Create a Truly Personal Memorial with Funera Sydney

12 Ways to Create a Truly Personal Memorial with Funera Sydney

Even with a no-service cremation, celebrating and honouring your loved one's life is essential. Funera Sydney believes that a funeral service, despite the absence of a physical presence, should reflect the uniqueness of an individual. Words, music, and additional personal touches can make a significant difference in commemorating a life well-lived. Here are 12 suggestions that could add that extra personal touch to a service or a wake:
Planning a Memorial Tailored to Your Loved One

An end-of-life service is your way of expressing gratitude for a unique life. It's a final act, ensuring recognition and remembrance. Choose from the following ideas to make it truly special:
1. Create a Memory Table

Set up a table with items representing your loved one's life—photos, trophies, certificates, knick-knacks, artwork, or anything that symbolizes their interests.
2. Releasings

Release balloons, doves, butterflies, bubbles, or paper boats at the end of the service for a symbolic farewell.
3. Give a Small Thank You Gift to Attendees

Provide attendees with a small gift, such as a postcard, bookmark, seeds, or a memorial stone, reflecting the personality and interests of the deceased.
4. Wear Special Colours to the Service

Attendees can wear the deceased's favourite colour or the colours of their sporting team to create a visually striking and meaningful tribute.
5. Display Photos

Showcase photos creatively, using photo boards, strings, balloons, or framed photos scattered around the venue to offer different perspectives.
6. Present Music a Little Differently

Include live performances by family or friends, singing or playing music. Alternatively, print lyrics for a special song for everyone to sing along. [Listen to our music playlist here ] for song ideas for your loved one's memorial.
7. Record Memories

Set up a memory table where people can record their own memories in various ways, making it a more personal and touching experience.
8. Memory Sharing Jar

Place a jar on the table at the wake with strips of paper containing questions about the deceased, encouraging attendees to share stories and memories.
9. Open Mic

Organise an open mic session during the wake, allowing anyone to come forward and share their thoughts. Alternatively, provide a recording device for private tributes.
10. Decorate the Venue

Add personal touches to the venue, like quilts made by the deceased, their favourite flowers, items from their home, or balloons in their favourite colour.
11. One-of-a-Kind Flowers or Personalised Decoration

Even without a front-and-centre coffin, decorate the area with personalised flower arrangements representing the deceased's interests or hobbies.
12. Personalise Refreshments

Serve refreshments featuring the deceased's favourite foods, be it recipes they were known for or simply their preferred treats.
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