7 Step Guide for Pensioners Centrelink Assistance on Funeral Costs in Sydney

7 Step Guide for Pensioners Centrelink Assistance on Funeral Costs in Sydney
  • Financial Strain After Loss:
    • Nearly one-third of Australian families endure financial hardship post-funeral, taking six months to recover.
    • Centrelink benefits become crucial for pensioners facing funeral costs.
  • Strategies for Funeral Financing:
    • Average Australian funerals cost $7,499, pressuring families to opt for expensive traditions.
    • Families encouraged to consider affordable alternatives in line with the departed's wishes.
  • Centrelink Bereavement Support:
    • Pensioners can access Centrelink bereavement payments for financial aid.
    • Payments like Partner Allowance, Pension Bonus Bereavement Payment, and Carer’s Allowance explained.
  • Additional Financial Avenues:
    • Explore Department of Veterans' Affairs, superannuation release, and other avenues for financial assistance.
    • Check entitlements with super fund or organizations like Supercare for early release due to financial hardship.
  • State-Based Assistance:
    • Various states offer assistance schemes for families struggling with funeral costs.
    • Details on eligibility and specific requirements for each state's assistance programs.
  • Crowdfunding and GoFundMe:
    • Crowdfunding platforms like My Cause and Go Fund Me provide unconventional yet effective ways to cover funeral costs.
    • Pensioners can seek financial support from generous individuals through online campaigns.
  • Prepaid Funerals for Peace of Mind:
    • Australians increasingly opt for prepaid funerals to personalize farewells and relieve future financial burdens.
    • Funera Sydney offers affordable cremation services and personalized memorials, aiming to ease financial stress.
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