9 Ways to Secure Financial Aid for Funeral Expenses in Sydney

9 Ways to Secure Financial Aid for Funeral Expenses in Sydney

Life's twists and turns are often unpredictable. In moments when a loved one departs unexpectedly, the task of organizing a funeral can bring unexpected financial burdens. Managing such costs can be daunting, but there are avenues to explore for additional financial support during this challenging period.

This comprehensive guide explores key aspects, providing insights into securing financial aid for funeral expenses:

1. Accessing the deceased’s bank account
As the bank becomes aware of your loved one's passing, accounts in their sole name will be frozen. However, most banks can release funds dedicated solely to covering funeral expenses upon presentation of the funeral service provider's invoice. This option can be crucial in managing the financial aspects of a funeral.

2. Exploring insurance policies
Delve into the possibility of insurance policies that could release funds to the next of kin or chosen beneficiaries. Check for funeral insurance, pre-paid funeral arrangements, and various other policies such as private health, sickness, accident, life, or disability insurance. Timely contact with relevant companies can facilitate the quick release of funds.

3. Investigating Superannuation
Superannuation funds often include life insurance components. Promptly check with the super fund where your loved one's super was held and initiate the process of making a claim. This process may take time, so early action is essential.

4. Seeking Government Assistance
The federal government provides financial support through Centrelink after a loved one's passing. Bereavement payments, such as Partner Allowance, Pension Bonus Bereavement Payment, and Carer’s Allowance, are available to eligible Australian residents. Contact Centrelink promptly for more information.

5. Department of Veterans Affairs
If your loved one received a pension from the Department of Veterans Affairs, you may be eligible for a one-off bereavement payment of up to $2,000. Notify the DVA as soon as possible after the death.

6. Early Superannuation Release
Under specific circumstances, accessing superannuation early is possible. Consult your super fund or organizations like Supercare for assistance with these claims.

7. State-Based Assistance
Several states in Australia offer assistance schemes for families struggling with funeral costs. Contact each state body for specific eligibility criteria.

8. Crowdfunding for Support
Consider crowdfunding to cover funeral costs through platforms like My Cause or Go Fund Me. People often show generosity for such causes.

9. Assistance for Victims of Crime or Road Accidents
If your loved one was a victim of crime or a road accident, funeral expenses may be covered by your state's Victims of Crime Board or Transport Accident Commission. Funeral Service Providers can assist with these claims if applicable to your situation.

Final Considerations on Financial Assistance for Funerals
Resist feeling compelled to opt for an expensive funeral service that is financially unfeasible.

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