Affordable Cremation Services in Adelaide by Funera Sydney

Affordable Cremation Services in Adelaide by Funera Sydney

Dealing with loss is never easy, and at Funera Sydney, we aim to provide compassionate and affordable cremation services in Adelaide. Our commitment to simplicity and honesty reflects in our pricing, ensuring a stress-free process during challenging times. Whether you opt for online arrangements or prefer a personal call, Funera Sydney is here to manage everything, offering comprehensive cremation services at a fixed rate of $1499, without any undisclosed charges.

Honest Farewells, Straightforward Costs

At Funera Sydney, we challenge the notion that extravagant expenses equate to a more meaningful farewell. Our Adelaide cremation service, priced at $1499, covers:

  • The seamless transfer of your loved one into our care (available 24/7)
  • A private cremation at Enfield Memorial Park
  • All essential paperwork and registrations
  • Hand delivery of your loved one's ashes to your family
A Reliable Process for Your Peace of Mind

Funera Sydney streamlines the funeral process, ensuring accessibility and affordability. Our dedicated team oversees every aspect, from the respectful transfer of your loved one to the thoughtful return of their ashes. Trust Funera Sydney for a reliable cremation service that puts your family's needs first.

The Funera Sydney Process

Step 1: Arrange Online or Over the Phone

Initiate the process by arranging a Funera Sydney cremation online or through our 24/7 phone service. Have your questions answered by our dedicated team.

Step 2: Dedicated Arranger Support

Based on your needs, we assign a dedicated arranger to guide you through every step before and after the cremation.

Step 3: Transfer of Your Loved One

We collect your loved one from their place of passing, ensuring a seamless process with assistance from doctors and nurses for required paperwork.

Step 4: Private Cremation

Our experienced team conducts a simple cremation without a formal service, allowing you more time to plan a memorial with your family.

Step 5: Return of Ashes

We hand-deliver your loved one's ashes in an urn and register the death on your behalf with Births, Deaths, and Marriages.

Support for Your Unique Farewell Wishes

Funera Sydney provides post-cremation support to help families hold the perfect memorial, be it a scattering ceremony, a backyard barbecue, or planting a memory tree. Connect with our team to explore the various farewell options chosen by families across South Australia.

Transparent Pricing, Unmatched Support

Our prices are some of the lowest in Adelaide, and we guarantee no hidden costs. With services of an experienced funeral director, 24/7 transfer of your loved one, paperwork filing, a private cremation at Enfield Memorial Park, and the return of ashes, we ensure a dignified farewell.

Compassionate Support When You Need It

Navigating difficult times requires support, and at Funera Sydney, we're here for you. Count on us to provide the best service possible during this challenging period. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us at or call:

  • Sydney (Main): (02) 9954 6655
  • Sydney: (02) 9954 6655
  • Newcastle: (02) 4955 1110
  • Wollongong: (02) 4243 8755
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