An Easy Guide to Creating a Living Will and Planning Affordable Funerals with Funera Sydney


At Funera Sydney, your trusted partner in funeral planning and affordable funerals, we believe in empowering individuals to make their own healthcare decisions. A Living Will, also known as an Advance Care Directive, is a crucial aspect of estate planning that ensures your wishes are respected if you're unable to communicate them yourself.
Defining a Living Will

A formalized version of your advance care plan.
Outlines future care preferences, beliefs, and goals.
Empowers you to appoint a substitute decision-maker.
Significance of a Living Will

Vital for end-of-life care planning.
Provides assurance that your wishes will be honored.
Guides healthcare providers when you can't communicate.
Creating a Living Will

To create a living will, primary steps include:
Appointing a person as your substitute decision-maker.
Personal asset values and desired outcomes.
Treatment preferences in critical situations.
How to Proceed with Your Living Will

Ensure you possess the capacity to make decisions about your future care.
No legal expertise required; the forms may vary based on your location.
Once completed, affix your signature and date the document.
Encourage your substitute decision-maker and healthcare provider to sign as well.
Distribute copies of your directive to family, your substitute decision-maker, your chosen hospital, and your doctor. Keep the original safely accessible for when it's needed. You can also consider uploading your advance care directive to your My Health Record.
As good practice, review your advance directive every two years or when any significant changes occur in your personal or medical circumstances.
The Legal Validity of Your Advance Directive

It must be signed by a person with decision-making capacity.
The document should bear the signature of an eligible witness, with some instances requiring two witnesses.
Generally, these directives are recognized in various parts of Australia; however, there may be specific limitations and additional requirements.
If you plan on relocating to a different state or territory, updating your documentation is advisable to ensure its alignment with local regulations.
State-Specific Forms

Funera Sydney has compiled a list of State-specific Forms that you may explore and use:
South Australia

Substitute Decision-Maker via Advance Care Directive.
Valid with authorized witness signature.
Download Form

Appoint a Medical Decision Maker.
Requires two independent adult witnesses, one authorized.
Form and Info
New South Wales

No specific form, but recommended for legality.
More Info

Create an Advance Health Directive.
Doctor's Section 5 and witness's Section 9 needed.
Download Form
Western Australia

Establish an Advance Health Directive.
Requires an authorized person's witness and legal/medical advice confirmation.
Download Form
Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Execute a Health Direction.
Requires two witnesses.
Download Form

Prepare an Advance Care Directive for Care at the End of Life.
Needs a witness over 18, unrelated, and not a beneficiary.
Download Form
Northern Territory (NT)

Establish an Advance Personal Plan.
Must be signed by an authorized witness.
Download Form
Final Tips

Keep your Living Will updated and stored safely, just like you would with your prepaid funerals or other funeral plans.
Share copies with decision-makers, family, or a trusted advisor.
For more information and guidance feel free to reach us: visit or call us at (02) 9954 6655 (Sydney) or (02) 9954 6655.
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