Choosing Attire for a Funeral: Funera Sydney’s Style Guide

Choosing Attire for a Funeral: Funera Sydney's Style Guide

Receiving the heartbreaking news of a loved one's passing is a moment of profound shock, often leaving us unprepared for the imminent funeral or memorial service. With these events typically scheduled within days, the rush to find the right outfit becomes a challenge. This guide by Funera Sydney aims to provide insights into what to wear for a funeral or memorial service, offering tips and ideas that align with contemporary Western culture.
What to Wear to a Funeral: General Tips

Traditionally, the norm was to wear your 'Sunday best,' akin to a job interview or church service. However, this formality is evolving. Funera Sydney suggests wearing something nice, leaning towards darker colours to convey sympathy and mourning. While formal black attire may be expected at church services, more casual and diverse outfits may be acceptable for other types of services.
What to Wear to a Funeral: Women

For women attending a funeral, a modest black dress or pantsuit is traditionally appropriate. Business-casual variations, such as a blouse with a skirt or pants, can also work. Consider the decedent's culture and personality, as some services may allow for less strictly formal attire. Respectful, non-attention-grabbing outfits in darker colours are generally preferred.
What to Wear to a Funeral: Men

Traditionally, men wore suits in darker colours, but modern times permit smart-casual or business attire. Slacks paired with a dark collared shirt are generally acceptable, and grooming details like a haircut and polished shoes are encouraged.
What to Wear to a Viewing

Viewings, where the deceased's body is seen in an open casket, follow similar guidelines as the funeral. Attendees should adhere to the funeral dress code detailed above.
What to Wear to a Cremation Service

Cremation service attire aligns with general funeral dress guidelines. However, if the memorial service lacks a casket, a more relaxed approach may be suitable, celebrating the loved one's life.
What to Wear to a Memorial or Celebration of Life

For celebrations of life, families might encourage attendees to wear the decedent's favourite colours or bright, celebratory hues. Personalised requests are common and can make the event more meaningful.
What to Wear to a Children’s Funeral

Children's funerals often depart from the traditional black attire. Bright colours or the child's favourite colours are often requested to celebrate the vibrant young life lost.
What to Wear to an Outdoor Funeral, Burial, or Scattering of Ashes

Outdoor services require additional consideration. Ladies may opt for thicker, flat-soled heels, and all attendees should dress according to the season. Check the weather forecast, bring appropriate attire, and be prepared for the elements.
Remember, there's no rigid rule on how one should stay connected to a departed loved one or reflect on their life. Grief is an intensely personal experience, and the way you choose to spend time on special occasions or navigate your grief is entirely unique.
Funera Sydney is here to provide understanding and assistance in creating a meaningful farewell for your loved one. Feel free to reach out to us or through our contact numbers:
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