Coffins Versus Caskets: Making the Right Choice

Coffins Versus Caskets: Making the Right Choice

Arranging a farewell ceremony for a loved one involves many decisions, and one of the key choices is between a coffin and a casket. The array of options and customisations available can make this decision challenging. Here, we unravel the distinctions between coffins and caskets, exploring their designs, prices, and practicalities to assist you in selecting the most fitting option for the funeral you are planning.

Unveiling the Variances

While commonly used in funeral planning, coffins and caskets exhibit marked differences in their shapes and styles. The traditional coffin, with its wider form and a taper towards the bottom, typically comes to mind. Coffins often feature a hinged lid with handles on either side for ease of transport.

On the flip side, caskets are rectangular and maintain uniform width and length. Equipped with a split lid, caskets allow the upper half to be opened, facilitating an open-casket viewing or participation during the funeral service.

Price Spectrum

The cost of coffins and caskets can significantly fluctuate based on the provider. According to data from, coffin prices generally span from approximately $400 to over $7,000 for more high-end or bespoke designs. Casket prices, on the other hand, range from around $1,000 for a basic model to upwards of $10,000 for a top-tier casket.

'Cardboard Coffin' Eco-Friendly Option

For those with an eye on affordability and environmental impact, the 'cardboard coffin' emerges as a viable choice, typically priced around $400. Crafted from recycled materials, these coffins are commonly used in direct cremations, minimizing carbon footprint and reducing CO2 emissions.

Apart from being budget-friendly, 'cardboard coffins' contribute to environmental sustainability. These eco-friendly bio-board caskets are a standard choice with Funera Cremation. To initiate cremation with Funera, dial 1800 071 176 or visit the Funera Sydney website.

Coffin Price Range

Basic coffins, fashioned from plywood or medium-density fibreboard, hover around the $500 to $1,000 range. These coffins typically sport a flat lid and plastic handles.

Mid-range coffins, priced from $1,200 to $2,500, boast enhanced details and craftsmanship. They often feature metal handles, a tiered lid, varnish finish, and more intricate construction.

Casket Price Varieties

Caskets, known for their finer interiors and additional features such as cushions and trimmings, tend to be pricier than coffins. Ranging from approximately $1,500 to $10,000, these options offer varying levels of customisation. High-end caskets, surpassing $4,000, can be extensively tailored to meet a family's preferences.

Caskets exhibit diverse finishes in wood or materials used, with detailed exterior construction. Options with double lid tops cater to viewings during the funeral ceremony.

Affordable casket choices typically feature basic interior trimmings and a single lid top, more suitable for ceremonies without viewings.

Navigating the Decision

Choosing between a coffin and a casket is a personal decision when orchestrating a funeral. The variety of options available, spanning different price points, allows for a tailored farewell to your loved one. Factors such as the type of funeral ceremony, budget considerations, environmental impact, and practicality should guide your decision-making process. Coffins often present a more budget-friendly option, while caskets, especially those with double lid tops, are suitable for ceremonies involving viewings. Alternatively, if an unattended direct cremation is in order, a 'cardboard coffin' may be the optimal choice.

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