Crafting a Legacy: Funera Sydney’s Guide to Philanthropic Bequest
Crafting a Legacy: Funera Sydney's Guide to Philanthropic Bequest

As you embark on estate planning and consider making a will, Funera Sydney encourages you to think about leaving a philanthropic legacy through a gift or donation to a charity.

A bequest is an item you wish to give to a nominated beneficiary after your death, as specified in your will. It can be a specific bequest, such as a designated amount of money, or a general bequest, where an entire collection of assets is gifted.

To include a charity in your will, choose a charitable organisation, decide on the type of bequest, and indicate whether you'll gift money, items, or both. Specify the bequest in your will and inform your executor or next of kin.

When making a bequest to a charity, ensure you clearly identify the charity and provide accurate details. Consider nominating a percentage of your residual estate or the entire estate, depending on your preference.

Funera Sydney supports individuals in creating a lasting donation without affecting their financial situation during their lifetime. Our commitment to customer service extends to guiding you through the estate planning process, ensuring your wishes are followed.

We hope this guide to including a charity in your will helps with your estate planning journey. If your situation is more complex, seeking professional advice is recommended.

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