Creative Options for Ashes in NSW

Creative Options for Ashes in NSW

Cremations constitute over half of all Australian funerals, leading to innovative approaches on how to handle ashes post-cremation.
  • Homecoming of Ashes
  • Funera Sydney, when handling a cremation, delivers the ashes in a medical-grade PVC urn. Families can opt to scatter them or transfer them into a decorative urn or keepsake.

  • Scattering Amidst Nature
  • Scattering ashes can be a poignant tribute to reconnect the departed with nature or a cherished place.

    • Permission may be needed for public land scattering, and local council regulations should be checked.
    • Private property scattering typically requires permission from the landowner.
    • Specialised services like Dust to Dust or Sydney Harbour Escapes offer unique settings for scattering.
    • For a memorable send-off, consider a fireworks display with Ashes to Ashes.
  • Interment of Ashes
  • Ashes can find a permanent home in a burial plot, crematorium garden bed, or niche wall, a practice known as 'interment.'

    • Often, families choose to inter cremated remains with other deceased family members.
  • Planting Ashes
  • Transform ashes into a living memorial tree for those passionate about the environment.

    • Funera Sydney guides you on incorporating a tree planting ceremony into the memorial service.
  • Keepsakes from Ashes
  • For those wanting to keep loved ones close, numerous options exist for creating keepsakes from ashes.

    1. Craft jewellery pieces with a pinch of ashes with Keepsake Jewellery.
    2. Turn ashes into diamonds with Heart in Diamond.
    3. Create stunning glass art with ashes through Memorial Glass.
    4. Infuse ashes into tattoo ink for a unique tattoo.
    5. Place a portion of ashes into a teddy bear, especially for a child.
    6. Turn ashes into a personalized record with And Vinyly.

    Whether opting for creativity or tradition, the key is to choose what feels like the most fitting tribute. There's no rush; take time to decide and plan a memorial that honours your loved one, perhaps on special dates like birthdays or anniversaries. Funera Sydney is here to guide you through these choices.

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