Irish Man’s Funeral Prank

People attending funeral image A dead man has had the last laugh, leaving mourners at his funeral in stitches of laughter.
In a recorded message that was played after his casket was lowered into the ground, the man is heard shouting for help from below.
The crowd of mourners is heard going quiet before the audio message plays, in a video posted to Reddit titled "Irish man leaves funny recording for his funeral!"
"Hello?," the man is heard asking before the sound of knocks is heard.
"Let me out," he continues, much to the amuse of those farewelling him.
"Where the f*** am I."
"Let me out it's f***ing dark in here."
"Is that that priest I can hear."
Mourners in the cemetery are seen bursting into fits of laughter, before the camera pans to the man's casket, which is where the sound appears to be coming from.
The Reddit post has received thousands of comments so far, with fellow social media users sharing similar stories.
"They played the wrong side of the tape at my grandpa's funeral," one person said.
"You could hear my mom laughing during the service because she knew my grandpa whose nickname was "Guber" would have thought that was the funniest thing.
"I was too young to know him but that event gave me some perspective of the man he was."
"After my Irish Grandmother's funeral, everybody was back at the house, and the mood was pretty somber, when a bolt of lightning hit nearby and the thunder shook the house," another user said.
"My father looked up and said "She just got to heaven and found out they let protestants in". Everyone laughed, and after that it was a real Irish wake."
Others simply appreciated the lightheartedness.
"What a beautiful idea to keep people happy," one Reddit user said.
"Laughter does help a lot when dealing with grief," another added.
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