Decoding Funeral Bonds: A Quick Guide

Decoding Funeral Bonds: A Quick Guide

Why Plan with Funeral Bonds?

Traditional funerals cost over $10,000, making financial planning crucial. Preparing with funeral bonds or a prepaid funeral plan ensures readiness for the inevitable. Unexpected funeral costs can strain families, affecting a third of Australian seniors financially.

Advantages of Funeral Bonds


  • Regulated by Australian laws, ensuring security for savers.
  • Encourages saving exclusively for funeral expenses.
  • An investment that grows over time, exempt from Centrelink tests (up to a limit).
  • Allows flexibility in choosing and changing a preferred funeral director.


  • Not guaranteed to cover the entire funeral cost.
  • Interest growth may not match rising funeral expenses.
  • May not keep up with inflation, impacting overall coverage.

Understanding Funeral Bonds

Managed investment products specifically for funeral expenses. Money invested is released only upon the accountholder's death. Can be contributed as a lump sum or through regular payments until a chosen value is reached.

Funeral Bonds vs Funeral Insurance


  • Funeral bonds securely hold money until needed, while funeral insurance requires ongoing payments.
  • Funeral insurance premiums increase with age, potentially surpassing the payout amount.
  • Funeral bonds offer a middle ground for saving without pre-planning specifics.

Final Thoughts

  • Funeral bonds and prepaid funerals are secure ways to plan for the future.
  • Prepaid funerals offer the added benefit of locking in today's price.
  • Carefully read the disclosure statement before considering funeral bond investment.

Planning Ahead Made Clear

Understanding funeral bonds, insurance, and prepaid plans helps you make informed choices, reducing financial stress for your loved ones in the future.

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