Digital Footprints: How to Manage Your Social Media Accounts When You Pass

In our digital age, social media is deeply woven into our lives. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow us to connect, share memories and chronicle our lives. But what happens to these accounts when someone passes away?

Proper social media estate planning is key for managing online legacies. At Funera.Sydney, we advise on all aspects of estate administration, including digital assets. As one of the trusted funeral companies in Sydney, we understand the importance of appointing an online 'legacy contact' to ensure your social media presence is handled sensitively after death. This is part of what makes us one of the providers of the most affordable funerals in Sydney. This guide examines policies for key platforms:

  • Memorialised accounts preserve memories while protecting privacy. A legacy contact can manage tributes.
  • You can select a contact under General Account Settings. They can later memorialise or delete your account.
  • To request memorialisation, Facebook requires a death certificate and other verification.

  • Accounts become inactive after prolonged inactivity. Family can request immediate deactivation.
  • Twitter does not allow account memorialisation or third-party access.

  • Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn does not offer memorialised accounts.

  • A trusted contact can request full account deletion after the user passes away.

  • To delete a LinkedIn account, the contact must provide the member's name, profile URL, relationship, email, date of death, and obituary link.


  • Instagram provides two options for handling user accounts after their death: memorialisation or account deletion. Memorialised accounts function as a tribute to the deceased user, preserving their posts and allowing friends and followers to continue to view them and share memories. These accounts are locked and protected from any potential logins or edits, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the content the user had shared during their lifetime.


  • Sharing login details is risky but sometimes necessary. Use a password manager or share with a trusted contact.

  • Official advice warns against sharing passwords. However, it may be necessary as part of estate planning.

  • A password manager or secure digital file can store login details to be shared with a trusted contact after death.

  • While risky, this may be the only way for someone to access and manage your online accounts.

Whether you are looking for affordable burial services, affordable cremation, or funeral planning guidance, Funera.Sydney is here to help. We can assist with everything from funeral home selection to prepaid funerals. We offer cheap funerals without sacrificing quality and respect. Consult Funera.Sydney on integrating social media into your estate plan. We're here to guide your online legacy management, providing continuity for your digital life, and offering comprehensive funeral services.
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