Direct Cremation: Unattended Farewells Explained

Direct Cremation: Unattended Farewells Explained

As the impact of the global pandemic reshapes how we say goodbye to our loved ones, attended funerals face restrictions across Australia and many parts of the world. The coronavirus has compelled families and friends to explore alternatives, with a growing trend towards non-attended direct cremations. This choice, often complemented by plans for a future memorial or celebration-of-life ceremony, offers a practical solution during these times of social distancing. With the inability to attend traditional services, families have had to reassess their funeral options. Increasingly, especially during the COVID-19 era, direct cremations are emerging as a preferred and viable funeral option. This article aims to address frequently asked questions about direct cremation, offering insights into its definition, cost, benefits, arranging the service, and planning a memorial afterward.

  • Defining Direct Cremation
  • Direct cremation, also known as a funera cremation, is a non-attended cremation without a formal funeral ceremony. This straightforward and cost-effective option eliminates the need for a funeral director to oversee a service. Instead, families can opt for a personalised memorial service or celebration of life after the cremation has taken place.

  • Cost Considerations
  • While traditional cremations are usually coordinated by funeral homes, the average price in Australia stands at $7,420. In contrast, the national average price for an unattended cremation with Funera cremation is approximately $2,100 at the time of writing. The simplicity of direct cremation provides essential services such as transportation, logistics, private cremation, paperwork, and the return of ashes.

  • Benefits of Direct Cremation
  • Beyond affordability, the flexibility offered by direct cremation is a notable advantage. Traditional funeral services often operate on strict schedules, potentially leaving some families feeling rushed. A funera cremation allows families the freedom to plan a more personal memorial service at their own pace, without the pressure of a funeral home's timetable.

  • Arranging a Direct Cremation
  • Arranging an unattended cremation with Funera can be done swiftly, either online or over the phone. Additionally, there is an option for pre-paying in advance, relieving your family and friends of financial stress later on.

  • Planning a Memorial Afterwards
  • The possibilities are vast when it comes to planning a memorial after a direct cremation. The funds saved by opting for a direct cremation provide the flexibility and budget to bid farewell to your loved one in a way that truly celebrates their unique life.

This article seeks to guide Australians in making informed choices about how they celebrate the lives of their loved ones, not just during the current pandemic but also for times when social distancing restrictions are lifted. We hope this information aids in understanding the essence of direct cremation and how it differs from traditional attended cremations or funerals.
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