Dressing with Respect: A Funeral Style Guide by Funera Sydney

Dressing with Respect: A Funeral Style Guide by Funera Sydney

Losing a loved one is never easy, and deciding what to wear to a funeral can add to the challenges. Funera Sydney is here to guide you through this process with a quick and easy-to-follow style guide.
Funeral Fashion Basics

Traditionally, 'Sunday best' was the go-to, but times are changing. While some settings still call for formal black attire, many services today only ask for respectful, darker colours. Daphney Adams from Funera Sydney suggests a modest, respectful approach, but always consider the family's wishes.
Women's Wear

For women, a modest black dress or trouser suit is a classic choice. If you're unsure, conservative business-casual options work too. Stick to darker colours, avoid anything too revealing, and keep it respectful.
Men's Attire

Men, traditional suits in black, grey, or dark blue are timeless, but today's funerals also welcome smart-casual or business attire. Dark trousers and a collared shirt – even a polo shirt – are now acceptable. Grooming matters, so tidy up that haircut and polish those shoes.
Viewing Etiquette

When attending a viewing, follow the same guidelines as the service. Pay attention to the family's preferences and cultural considerations.
Cremation Service Style

For cremation services, general guidelines apply. If there's no casket, families might prefer a more relaxed dress code, fostering a celebratory atmosphere.
Celebration of Life

These events often deviate from tradition, allowing for personal expressions of grief. Families may request specific colours, creating a unique and united tribute.
Children's Funerals

Bright colours are often encouraged for children's funerals, celebrating the young life lost.
Outdoor Service Considerations

For outdoor services, think practical. Comfortable footwear, weather-appropriate clothing, and accessories like sunglasses and sunscreen are essential.
At Funera Sydney, we understand the importance of dressing appropriately for a funeral. Whether it's a traditional service or a celebration of life, our guide aims to help you pay a proper and respectful tribute to your loved one.
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