Easing the Financial Strain of Funeral Costs for Pensioners in Sydney

Easing the Financial Strain of Funeral Costs for Pensioners in Sydney

Coping with the loss of a loved one is already emotionally challenging. However, when coupled with the financial strain of funeral costs for pensioners, the stress can become overwhelming, especially for those relying on Centrelink benefits.

According to the Cost of Death report by Australian Seniors, nearly one-third (32%) of Australian families face financial hardship after paying for a funeral, taking at least six months to recover from the debt.

Pensioners dealing with the loss of a partner may find relief through government assistance, including bereavement and pension payments, with Centrelink offering a lump-sum payment to help cover funeral costs.

To assist Australian pensioners in understanding their entitlements following the death of a spouse, Funera Sydney has compiled this guide, covering the following topics:

1. The Financial Impact on Pensioners Covering Funeral Expenses

Funerals are inherently expensive, with the average Australian funeral costing around $7,499, as reported by finder.com.au. Families often feel pressured to arrange a funeral hastily, potentially opting for costly choices. However, it's crucial to question whether an expensive funeral aligns with your loved one's wishes and if it's worth the financial strain.

2. Payment Options for a Loved One’s Funeral

After selecting a funeral and coordinating with a funeral provider, you'll have various payment options. If there's no prepaid funeral plan, funeral bond, or insurance, Centrelink allowances may be available to assist pensioners in covering funeral costs.

3. Centrelink Lump Sum Bereavement Payment and Additional Pensioner Benefits

Pensioners may be eligible for Centrelink bereavement payments and other government assistance. These payments are administered through The Department of Human Services and vary based on individual circumstances and the relationship to the deceased.

4. Other Allowances and Resources for Funeral Costs for Pensioners

Eligibility for allowances through the Department of Veterans Affairs, insurance companies, private health funds, and unions may exist. Pensioners are encouraged to explore these options based on their individual circumstances.

5. State-Based Funeral Assistance

Several states in Australia offer funeral assistance programs with specific criteria. Pensioners facing financial challenges in covering funeral expenses should contact relevant state bodies for detailed information.

6. Prepaid Funerals: Alleviating Hardship for Pensioners

As Australians seek more control over their end-of-life plans, many are opting for prepaid funerals. By prepaying, individuals can ensure their wishes are met, and costs are covered in advance, sparing families from financial burden. This option allows locking in today's price, guaranteeing that, regardless of when it's needed, the family has nothing left to pay.

For more information on Funera Sydney's prepaid cremation, call 1800 531 936. Funera Sydney also offers at-need services for affordable cremations, ensuring families can have a personalised memorial without breaking the bank.

Remember, Funera Sydney was established to make basic funeral arrangements affordable for Australian families, prioritising their well-being during challenging times. If you find yourself struggling with grief, consider speaking with your GP or contacting the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement for emotional support.

For immediate help, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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