Eco-Friendly Farewells: Affordable Funeral Options in Sydney

Eco-Friendly Farewells: Affordable Funeral Options in Sydney

Funera Sydney is committed to providing affordable funeral services with a focus on sustainability. In this article, we'll explore the environmental impacts of funerals, compare burial and cremation, and highlight how you can make eco-conscious choices when planning a funeral.
Environmental Impact of Funerals

Burials near me generate approximately 39 kg of CO2, while cremations produce around 160 kg of CO2 equivalent.
Long-term impact: Burial costs are higher due to ongoing maintenance, making cremation an affordable choice.
Embalming Fluid

Harmful chemicals seep into the soil and waterways, impacting the environment.
Buried bodies release methane during decomposition, contributing to burial costs.
Sustainable Options

Eco-Friendly Coffins: Choose bio-board, wicker, or cardboard coffins without metal handles for an affordable burial service.
Biodegradable Garments: Dress the deceased in affordable biodegradable garments like cotton or wool.
Memorial Trees: Plant a tree in memory of your loved one to support reforestation in Sydney.
Digital Announcements: Share funeral notices online, reducing the need for printed advertisements.
Green Funerals: Consider natural burials or budget funerals with a focus on eco-friendliness.
Recycled Memorial Cards: Use memorial cards made from recycled paper.
Electronic Order of Service: Send electronic programs instead of printed copies.
Local Catering: Choose locally sourced food for catering to support the environment and the community.
Funera Sydney's Approach

Affordable Funeral Services: We offer budget-friendly funeral services, ensuring that funeral costs in Sydney remain reasonable.
Carbon Offsetting: We offset 100% of the carbon impact by planting trees through the Western Farm Trees reforestation project.
Bio-Board Coffins: Our affordable bio-board coffins have a lower carbon footprint, making them a cost-effective choice.
In a world where affordability and eco-consciousness are paramount, Funera Sydney is dedicated to providing budget-friendly funeral services with a focus on sustainability. By making informed choices and embracing eco-friendly options, you can ensure that your loved ones' farewells are not only meaningful but also gentle on the planet.
For inquiries, please reach us at our Sydney phone numbers: (02) 9954 6655 or (02) 9954 6655.
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