Expressing Your Final Wishes with Ease with Funera Sydney

Expressing Your Final Wishes with Ease with Funera Sydney

When it comes to estate planning, articulating your preferences for your farewell can be as crucial as outlining financial matters. Funera Sydney believes that making your funeral plan known in documents like your Last Will & Testament or Advance Care Directive ensures a seamless transition to honouring your unique journey.

Paving the Way for a Unique Farewell

Before drafting your funeral plan, consider the type of farewell you envision. Traditional funerals are evolving, with more Australians opting for non-traditional services. Funera Sydney supports this trend, offering direct cremations that allow personalisation without the constraints of a traditional service.

Making Your Wishes Known

Craft a 'Funeral Instructions' page, specifying your choices and preferences. Store it alongside your Will but avoid attaching it to maintain legal validity. Share a copy with your Executor and inform them of its location for accessibility during a time-sensitive period.

Sample Funeral Instructions Form

For Burial:

  • Clearly state if you've pre-planned with a burial provider.
  • Specify the funeral service location and observances.
  • Indicate burial preferences, including location and special requests.

For Cremation:

  • Specify pre-planned cremation arrangements if applicable.
  • Outline funeral service preferences and cremation details.
  • Clearly state cremation preferences, including ashes' disposition.

Concluding Thoughts on Funeral Wishes

This guide empowers you to make your funeral plans known, supporting your estate planning. By contemplating your funeral wishes and communicating them, you ensure a farewell that resonates with the essence of your extraordinary life. Funera Sydney stands ready to assist you in this journey.

For any queries or assistance, feel free to contact Funera Sydney at:

  • Sydney (Main): (02) 9954 6655
  • Sydney: (02) 9954 6655
  • Newcastle: (02) 4955 1110
  • Wollongong: (02) 4243 8755

We are here for you, committed to turning your final wishes into a dignified and personalised farewell.

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