Finding Comfort in Loss with Funera Sydney

Finding Comfort in Loss with Funera Sydney

Losing a loved one is never easy, but you don't have to navigate the journey of grief alone. Funera Sydney is here to be your companion through these challenging times.

Compassionate Support, Tailored for You

Funera Sydney offers specialised bereavement counselling and support services uniquely crafted for Sydney residents. Reach out to us at Sydney (02) 9954 6655 or (02) 9954 6655 for personalized assistance.

National and Local Support Network

  • Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement: National service providing bereavement counselling and support. Call 1800 642 066.

Local NSW Support Services

  • National Association for Loss and Grief (NALG): Leading support provider for loss, grief, and trauma in NSW. Call (02) 6882 9222.
  • Palliative Care Association NSW: Assistance for terminally ill patients and families. Call 0403 699 491.
  • NSW Mental Health Line: Mental health support for various age groups. Call 1800 011 511.

Coping Strategies in Brief

  • Give yourself the time to grieve, and seek professional help if needed.
  • Understand that grief is a personal journey.
  • If struggling, consult with a GP for coping strategies and referrals.

Remember, Funera Sydney and various support services are here to assist you in Sydney. Let us be your support system on this journey. For more information, contact Funera Sydney at Sydney (02) 9954 6655 or (02) 9954 6655.

Phone Numbers for Your Convenience:

  • Sydney (02) 9954 6655
  • Sydney (02) 9954 6655
  • Newcastle (02) 4955 1110
  • Wollongong (02) 4243 8755
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