Funera Sydney Guide: Navigating Property in Deceased Estates

Funera Sydney Guide: Navigating Property in Deceased Estates

Whether you find yourself managing an estate or planning for the future, understanding the nuances of property ownership in deceased estates is crucial. Funera Sydney is here to guide you through this process.

Types of Property Ownership

Sole Ownership
This involves exclusive ownership by a single person. If the deceased owned the property solely, it typically becomes part of the estate for distribution as per the Will.

Joint Ownership and Tenants in Common
For joint ownership, think of it like a joint bank account. Tenants in common may involve two or more people owning property in equal or unequal shares.
Impact on Deceased Estates

Joint Tenancy
If the deceased's home is held in joint tenancy, the surviving joint owner inherits the property with the 'right of survivorship.' This property doesn't form part of the deceased estate for distribution.

Tenants in Common
When the deceased owned property as 'tenants in common,' each owner has a share. Unlike joint tenancy, there's no right of survivorship. The deceased's share becomes an asset of the estate for distribution.
Handling Rental Properties

If the deceased was a tenant in a rental property, it must be returned to the real estate agent after their belongings are removed. If the deceased was a landlord, lease agreements continue, and the executor or administrator manages them.
Additional Tips on Property Ownership

- Check the Will for specific real estate distribution instructions.
- Transfer real estate assets to the executor or administrator's name first.
- Pay and transfer utilities for investment properties.
- Ensure notice period requirements are met to avoid personal liability.
Funera Sydney is committed to supporting you through these processes
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