Funera Sydney’s Personalised Approach to Veteran Memorials

Funera Sydney's Personalised Approach to Veteran Memorials

In paying tribute to veterans, Funera Sydney is committed to delivering a distinctive and heartfelt farewell that truly commemorates their outstanding military service. We recognize the importance of creating a memorial that authentically reflects the essence of their contributions.

When orchestrating a memorial for veterans, families can explore eligibility for funeral assistance under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA). Funera Sydney extends a one-time benefit of up to $2,000, alleviating financial pressures during the planning process. This assistance covers burial or cremation costs and, in specific cases, transportation.

In addition to financial support, families may be eligible for up to $250 for floral and non-floral tributes when organising annual remembrance celebrations. The Department of Veterans Affairs also provides assistance, including pensions for war-widowed partners.

Personalising the memorial is crucial, and Funera Sydney encourages incorporating war memorabilia such as medals and photographs. Displaying the Australian national flag or the flag of the specific branch of the Australian Defence Force adds a patriotic touch. Families are also urged to consider an RSL Poppy Service, a moving tribute to a veteran's final act of bravery.

Camaraderie is a core value, and involving fellow service members or veterans as pallbearers fosters closure. Opting for martial or patriotic songs, including The Last Post, signifies the soldier's journey's end. Funera Sydney also facilitates obtaining a memorial plaque through the Office of Australian War Graves.

In lieu of flowers, families can suggest memorial donations to charities supporting veterans, such as Soldier On or the Veterans & Veterans' Families Counselling Service.

At Funera Sydney, we are dedicated to creating personalised and meaningful farewells that truly honour the lives and services of our veterans.

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