Funeral Bonds and Funera Sydney

Funeral Bonds and Funera Sydney

Funeral expenses are an inevitable part of life, and in Sydney, the cost of traditional funerals continues to rise, with prices exceeding $10,000. For many families, this financial burden can be overwhelming, especially when the cost catches them off guard. At Funera Sydney, we understand the importance of planning ahead, and we're here to shed light on the advantages of funeral bonds, guiding you towards a financially secure future.

The Financial Landscape of Funerals

Even with expected deaths, funeral costs often plunge families into unexpected financial hardship. According to recent statistics, a staggering one-third of Australian seniors face financial strain due to the high cost of funerals. The solution lies in proactive financial planning, ensuring you're well-prepared for the inevitable, whenever it may occur.

Unveiling Funeral Bonds

Understanding Funeral Bonds

Funeral bonds serve as managed investment products designed to accumulate funds for future funeral expenses. The invested money is securely held in an independently managed funeral fund, accessible only after the accountholder's passing. Contributions to a funeral bond can be made through lump sum payments or regular monthly instalments until the chosen bond value is reached.

Confusion may arise when distinguishing funeral bonds from prepaid funeral plans. In the case of Funera Sydney, funds paid into our prepaid funeral plans are securely held in a funeral bond under the customer's name, ensuring financial security until needed for the funeral.

Navigating the Working Mechanism

Funds held in funeral bonds are invested in the accountholder's name, dedicated solely to covering funeral expenses. Withdrawal of funeral bond funds is only possible upon the accountholder's death, offering a secure financial solution. Any remaining funds are directed into the deceased person's estate, adhering to the terms outlined in the product disclosure statement specific to each funeral bond.

Pros and Cons of Funeral Bonds


  • Regulated by Australian laws, funeral bonds provide a secure option for those seeking to save for their funeral without delving into the details of planning the actual service.
  • Encourages saving, as funds are inaccessible for any reason other than to cover the accountholder's funeral.
  • An investment opportunity with potential growth over time, offering returns higher than traditional savings accounts.
  • Exempt from Centrelink assets and income tests for Aged Pension recipients up to a specified limit.
  • Provides flexibility in nominating a preferred funeral director, with the option to change preferences at any time.


  • While funeral bonds contribute to funeral expenses, they may not guarantee full coverage of future costs due to potential gaps in growth relative to rising funeral expenses.
  • The amount earned as interest on funeral bonds may not keep pace with inflation, necessitating careful consideration before investment.

Comparing Funeral Bonds and Funeral Insurance

Older Australians exploring pre-planning options may weigh the merits of funeral bonds against funeral insurance. The key distinction lies in the secure handling of funds with funeral bonds compared to the ongoing payment structure of funeral insurance.

Funeral bonds, managed securely in the accountholder's name until required, stand as a more financially effective option than funeral insurance. The latter often involves increasing premiums, potentially becoming unaffordable for pensioners and presenting the risk of losing all paid premiums if the policy is cancelled.

Final Thoughts from Funera Sydney

In conclusion, both funeral bonds and prepaid funerals offered by Funera Sydney present secure options for planning ahead and alleviating future financial stress on your family. While funeral bonds offer flexibility in planning without the need to choose a funeral director, prepaid funerals lock in today's prices, ensuring a predetermined farewell at a fixed cost.

Investing in a funeral bond requires careful consideration, and we encourage you to review the disclosure statement thoroughly. At Funera Sydney, we hope this guide clarifies the workings of funeral bonds and aids in distinguishing between funeral bonds, funeral insurance, and prepaid funerals. May this information empower you to make informed choices about securing your funeral costs. If you have any questions or require further assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

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