Funeral Wardrobe Guide by Funera Sydney

Funeral Wardrobe Guide by Funera Sydney

Receiving the heart-wrenching news of a loved one's passing often leaves us grappling with shock and grief. Funerals or memorials, usually organised within days of the death, leave little time for planning or shopping for an appropriate outfit. At Funera Sydney, we understand the importance of presenting oneself respectfully during these sombre occasions. Let's explore what to wear to a funeral or memorial service.

  • General Tips on Funeral Attire
  • Traditionally, the expectation was to wear one's 'Sunday best,' akin to a job interview or a church service. However, contemporary Western culture has evolved, and the formality of attire is becoming more flexible. While some religious or traditional services may still call for black formalwear, many funerals or memorials have a more relaxed dress code. Attendees are generally encouraged to wear something nice in darker colours to convey sympathy and respect.

    It's essential to consider the individual's personality, cultural background, and the type of service planned when selecting your outfit. Funera Sydney believes that dressing modestly and respectfully, even in more casual attire, reflects your consideration for the deceased and their grieving family.

  • What to Wear: Women
  • For women attending a funeral, a modest black dress or pantsuit remains a traditional choice. Alternatively, conservative business-casual options, such as a blouse with a skirt or pants, are acceptable. Following the general guideline of darker colours, tasteful colour accents can also be appropriate. It's advised to keep shoulders covered and avoid tight-fitting or revealing clothing.

  • What to Wear: Men
  • Men traditionally wear a dark suit (black, grey, or dark blue) with a collared dress shirt and tie to a funeral. However, the dress code has become less formal over time, and smart-casual or business funeral dress is now acceptable. Pairing slacks with a dark collared shirt or a polo shirt in subdued colours is generally sufficient. Grooming, including a neat haircut and polished shoes, is also encouraged.

  • What to Wear to Specific Services
    • Viewing: Follow the funeral dress guidelines mentioned above.
    • Cremation Service: General guidelines apply, but if the casket is not present, a more relaxed approach to funeral dress may be acceptable.
    • Memorial or Celebration of Life: Families planning a celebration of life may request attendees to wear bright colours, the decedent's favourite colour, or colours representing a sports team. Personalised requests are usually indicated in funeral notices.
    • Children's Funeral: Bright colours or the child's favourite colour are often encouraged to celebrate the vibrant life cut short.
    • Outdoor Funeral, Burial, or Scattering of Ashes: Consider the outdoor elements and dress accordingly. Thicker, flat-soled heels for ladies are advisable. Dress for the season, check the weather forecast, and bring a coat or jacket and umbrella if needed.

    At Funera Sydney, we recognise that personal touches in attire can honour the individual's unique personality. Whether you're attending a traditional funeral or a more unconventional celebration of life, your thoughtful choice of clothing can contribute to the meaningful remembrance of a loved one's life.

    For any funeral-related inquiries or assistance, please reach out to Funera Sydney at the provided contact numbers:

    • Main Line: (02) 9954 6655
    • Sydney: (02) 9954 6655
    • Newcastle: (02) 4955 1110
    • Wollongong: (02) 4243 8755
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