Handling Christmas Grief: A Journey of Remembrance with Funera Sydney

Handling Christmas Grief: A Journey of Remembrance with Funera Sydney

Christmas after loss can be tough, especially with an empty seat at the table. At Funera Sydney, we understand the challenges. This guide is here to help you embrace a new Christmas journey.
Day 1: Let Go of Expectations

Acknowledge that this Christmas will be different. Make a "Must-do," "Optional," and "Let Go" list. Simplify, be present, and enjoy the moment.
Day 2: Display a Special Photo

Incorporate a special photo of your loved one into your decorations. Share memories with others.
Day 3: A Special Ornament

Choose an ornament that reflects your loved one. Make it a shared experience, especially with children.
Day 4: Visit a Special Place

Spend time in a place that holds meaning. Freshen their resting place or engage in activities they loved.
Day 5: Consider Christmas Challenges

Reflect on the moments you'll miss the most. Prepare responses for friends and family. Give yourself space to think.
Day 6: Create a Memory Box

Invite others to share memories in a box or stocking. Read them together on Christmas day.
Day 7: Count Your Blessings

Despite grief, find joy in your blessings. Make a gratitude list or share your feelings with someone close.
Day 8: Buy a Gift

While shopping, choose a gift your loved one would have liked. Donate it to someone in need.
Day 9: Give to Others

Brighten someone else's Christmas. Helping others lifts your spirits.
Day 10: Record Christmas Memories

Preserve your cherished memories by writing them down. Create a permanent record.
Day 11: Accept Emotions

It's okay to show emotion. Allow yourself to express feelings and offer support to others.
Day 12: Enjoy Christmas Day

Make it your day. Spend time outside, with loved ones. Balance grief with joyful memories.
Final Thoughts

This guide from Funera Sydney aims to provide solace and support during the holiday season. Be kind to yourself and reach out for support. For more resources, visit our Grief Support webpage.

For immediate assistance, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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