Honouring Departed Souls: 10 Ways to a Thoughtful Remembrance by Funera

Honouring Departed Souls: 10 Ways to a Thoughtful Remembrance by Funera

The anniversary of losing someone dear can be profoundly difficult. While the rawness of early grief may have softened, the date often ignites sorrow anew. Yet it may also be a milestone to cherish treasured memories.
Though marking a passing anniversary is highly personal, we hope these suggestions inspire healing rituals to honour your loved one.

1. Visit their special spot

Did your loved one have a favourite cafe, pub, lookout or walking trail? Revisiting this meaningful place allows you to reminisce on joyful moments you shared. Sit awhile, soak up the sights and sounds that stirred their soul. Perhaps order their customary coffee or meal. Let this connection to their spirit soothe you.
2. Display nostalgic photos

Curate a photo display of cherished moments - a collage on the fridge, bedside table or a digital photo frame. Let these happy glimpses spark fond memories and affirm your loved one's enduring place in your heart.
3. Plant flowers or a tree

Select your loved one's favourite flowers or a tree suited to your climate. Plant these in their garden spot or another meaningful place. Nurturing new life honours their vitality and creates a living memorial.
4. Gather loved ones

While solitary reflection has its place, sharing stories and support on this emotional milestone can be profoundly healing. Have a simple picnic in a beautiful spot or a meal at your loved one's favourite restaurant. Laughter through tears is often the way.
5. Donate to a cherished cause

If your loved one was passionate about a particular cause or charity, commemorate them by contributing time, money or resources. Or establish a named fund in their honour through the organisation. This meaningful gesture continues their values.
6. Create a memory album

Collating favourite photos, writings or artwork into a memory album acknowledges your loved one's precious life. It also provides a comforting keepsake you can revisit. You may gift copies to family members too.
7. Release symbols of love

Some find catharsis in releasing objects or symbols to honour a loved one's spirit - lighting lanterns, scattering rose petals in water, or setting butterflies or balloons aloft. Choose whatever resonates symbolically for you.
8. Play their favourite music

Create a playlist of songs that held special meaning for your loved one - perhaps music you enjoyed together. Playing these as you reflect on the anniversary can evoke comforting closeness. Sing or dance along to celebrate their zest for life.
9. Write to them

Spend time journaling a letter to your loved one, expressing everything you wish you could say, however raw or random. This can facilitate release and closure. You may also find comfort reading their cards or letters to you.
10. Simply breathe

Quiet meditation, a walk in nature or lighting a candle can be central rituals. However you choose to mark the day, know there is no right or wrong way. Simply honouring your authentic grief and love is enough. Just breathe.
The anniversary of loss will always hold poignancy. We hope these suggestions for honouring your loved one provide some measure of solace and peace. May treasured memories more than sorrows fill the space in your heart.
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