How much does a Coffin Cost in Sydney?

How much does a Coffin Cost in Sydney?

Cost of Coffins in Australia

Curious about the price tag on a coffin in Australia? It's akin to asking about the length of a piece of string – highly variable. The cost is contingent on customisation and the funeral director you choose.

What's the Price Range?

Coffin costs span from a modest $300 to a lavish $10,000 or more for intricate designs. While coffins are generally more economical than caskets, we'll use the term 'coffins' for simplicity.

Online prices suggest a simple cardboard coffin, often used for an unattended 'funera cremation,' falls within the $300-$800 range. However, a personalised, adorned cardboard coffin for an attended ceremony may set you back $3,000-$5,000.

When estimating the cost of a coffin, Australians should anticipate spending between $1,000 and $4,000. Keep in mind, premium features can escalate the expense to $10,000-$15,000.

Consider the following factors to gauge the most suitable coffin for your family:

  • The deceased person’s wishes
  • Whether the coffin will be on display
  • Affordability and budget
  • Religious or cultural requirements
  • Traditional versus modern preferences
  • Environmental impact
  • Open-casket viewing feasibility
  • Colour, material, shape, or design preferences

The global impact of COVID-19 has led to shortages in various industries, including funerals, contributing to a projected increase in coffin and casket costs (source).

Affordable Options

Each funeral home specifies the price for its least expensive coffin option.

Opting for ‘cardboard coffins’ is often the most economical, averaging $300-$600. Crafted from robust, recycled materials, these coffins can typically support up to 200kg and are commonly used for direct cremations.

Despite lower production costs, there have been reports of funeral directors asserting that cardboard coffins are pricier than pine coffins. It pays to explore and compare prices.

To obtain a quote for cremation with Funera Sydney, dial (02) 9954 6655 or visit the Funera Sydney website.

Alongside cardboard coffins, another economical choice is plywood or medium-density fibreboard (MDF) coffins, typically featuring a flat lid and plastic handles.

Coffins vs. Caskets

Caskets, distinguished by their split lid for open-casket viewings, generally come at a higher price.

The primary difference between a coffin and a casket lies in their shape. Coffins widen at the top and taper towards the bottom, featuring a single lid. In contrast, caskets have two lids, split in the centre, facilitating open-casket viewings.

Prices for both coffins and caskets can fluctuate significantly based on the provider and the considerations discussed earlier. Caskets are typically pricier due to finer materials and additional features like cushions and interior trimmings.

Coffin prices span from $600 for a simple design to $10,000+ for premium or customised models. Conversely, casket prices range from $1,500 for a basic product to $15,000 for a premium casket.

Rethinking the Need for a Coffin

Australian attitudes towards funerals are evolving. Many now view spending exorbitant amounts on an elaborate wooden box, only for it to be buried or cremated, as wasteful.

In a survey of 850 Australians, less than half (41%) deemed a coffin or casket crucial to a funeral or memorial. Shifting perspectives during the COVID era see families opting for unattended 'funera' cremations or burials, reserving attended memorials for when restrictions ease, often without a coffin.

Funera Sydney empowers Australian families to separate interment from the ceremony, saving thousands compared to traditional funerals.

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