How to Draft Your Will with Funera

How to Draft Your Will with Funera

Drafting a legally valid Will is an important step in getting your affairs in order. At Funera Sydney, we want to ensure your wishes are honoured when the time comes. This guide explains what a Will is and provides tips on writing your own Will in Australia.

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document outlining how you want your assets distributed after death. It also names an executor to oversee your estate. Without a Will, your assets will be divided according to a predetermined formula which may not align with your wishes.

How to Write Your Own Will

While you can engage a solicitor, it is possible to write your own basic Will if your affairs are straightforward. Here are some guidelines:

  • Use a standard Will form or template. Carefully follow instructions.
  • Clearly identify beneficiaries, including their full names and contact details.
  • Specifically list which possessions or sums of money will go to each beneficiary.
  • Name one or more executors over age 18 - not a beneficiary or witness.
  • Store the original securely. Give a copy to your executor and beneficiaries.
  • Update whenever your circumstances change, like after marriage or divorce.
  • Sign in front of two adult witnesses, using the same pen. Witnesses sign afterwards.

Mistakes can invalidate a DIY Will, so seek legal advice if unsure. Prepaying your funeral through Funera Sydney provides peace of mind.

Appointing Guardians

Your Will should name a guardian to care for any dependent children under 18 years old. Discuss with them first.

Leaving Funeral Instructions

Specifying your wishes for cremation or burial services in your Will makes things easier on grieving loved ones. Funera Sydney can guide you.

Storing Your Will

Once signed, store the original Will somewhere secure like a bank deposit box. Your executor needs access.

Hopefully this gives you clarity on writing a basic Will in Australia. Contact Funera Sydney on 1300 659 833 for guidance.

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