How to Express Your Funeral Wishes with Funera

How to Express Your Funeral Wishes with Funera

In the realm of estate planning, envisioning the details of your funeral and final disposition can be a powerful way to ensure your last moments are a true celebration of a life well-lived. Your funeral plan, embedded within your Last Will & Testament, Living Will, or Advance Care Directive, serves as a roadmap for your loved ones to honour your unique journey, allowing you to depart in a way that resonates with you.
The process of arranging a funeral can be overwhelming for grieving family and friends. Thus, providing explicit funeral instructions as part of your estate planning ensures a seamless execution of your desires when the time arrives.
Contemplate Your Desired Farewell

Before penning down your funeral plan, reflect on the type of farewell you envision. Are you inclined towards a traditional service in a church or chapel, or do you fancy a more informal gathering in a park, a relative's home, or amidst nature? Today, Australians are increasingly informed, cost-conscious, and non-traditional. A recent study revealed that over 90% prefer a simple and non-traditional service over an expensive, traditional funeral. However, without specified wishes, there's a risk of defaulting to a conventional, pricier option.
Funera Sydney's direct cremation—a contemporary option that allows families to arrange a personalised memorial without the constraints of a traditional funeral service. This flexible and affordable choice from Funera Sydney empowers individuals to tailor a farewell that truly mirrors their unique essence, all at a fraction of the cost.
Communicating Your Funeral Plan

Specificity is key when articulating your funeral plan. Depending on your chosen Will, you might need to jot down your funeral wishes on an A4 sheet. Begin with the heading 'Funeral Instructions,' outlining burial or cremation preferences, preferred funeral director, and burial or cremation specifics. Include details of any prepaid funeral plan, relevant company contacts, and additional pertinent information.
Sample Funeral Instructions Form

  • I am, ______________ residing at ______________, with a prepaid funeral plan for a burial meticulously organised through ______________. The location where I've endorsed this agreement is ______________.
  • OR if no prior arrangements have been established:
  • I haven't finalised funeral arrangements as of now. However, I instruct the utilisation of the services provided by ______________ at ______________ upon my passing. Kindly contact ______________ to coordinate the necessary arrangements.

  • "I, [Your Name] of [Your Address] have a prepaid funeral plan for a cremation arranged through Funera Sydney. The location of my signed agreement is [Location of Agreement].
  • OR if no arrangements are made:
  • "I have not yet made funeral arrangements, but I intend to use the services of Funera Sydney at [Funera Sydney Location] at the time of my passing. Please call [Funera Sydney Contact Number] to make arrangements."

  • [Continue with cremation instructions...]
    Final Thoughts on Funeral Wishes

    Expressing your funeral wishes through Funera Sydney ensures your estate planning is comprehensive and attuned to your unique life. Take a moment to contemplate and articulate your preferences, making them known to your family or Next of Kin, ultimately guaranteeing the farewell that perfectly encapsulates your individual journey.
    For further assistance or information, reach out to Funera Sydney at:

    Sydney (02) 9954 6655 Sydney (02) 9954 6655 Newcastle (02) 4955 1110 Wollongong (02) 4243 8755
    Your Guide to Funeral Assistance in Sydney, NSW by Funera

    Losing a spouse is an emotional journey, and when coupled with the financial strain of funeral costs, it can become overwhelming, especially for pensioners relying on Centrelink benefits. At Funera Sydney, we understand the challenges you may face, and we're here to shed light on how Centrelink can be a source of support during these trying times.
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