Innovative Farewells: Different Funeral Ideas

Innovative Farewells: Different Funeral Ideas

Navigating funeral arrangements during COVID restrictions presents unique challenges for those bidding farewell to loved ones. Traditional church and chapel services are evolving into more personalised and memorable experiences.

1. Virtual Service:

  • Families opt for live-streamed funeral services to overcome gathering restrictions.
  • Virtual memorials on platforms like Zoom enable participation from anywhere, maintaining essential elements like tributes and eulogies.

2. Ocean Scattering:

  • Direct cremations offer a no-frills approach, allowing families to scatter ashes in intimate ocean send-offs.
  • Scattering services can be live-streamed, ensuring remote participation and creating a cherished, shared experience.

3. Collaborative Photo Slideshow:

  • Digital collaboration on photo albums facilitates the creation of heartwarming slideshows.
  • This approach lets friends and family contribute and view the slideshow at any time.

4. Sing or Play a Favourite Song Together:

  • Unite in grief by simultaneously singing or playing a loved one's favourite song, fostering a shared moment of remembrance.

5. Enjoy a Favourite Meal in Tribute:

  • Recreating a loved one's signature dish or dining at their favourite restaurant becomes a meaningful celebration of their life.

6. Arrange the Cremation Now and Memorial Later:

  • Opting for an unattended or simple cremation separates the cremation from the memorial, allowing for planning a celebration of life when restrictions ease.
  • Families can choose a special date, like the deceased's birthday, for a delayed memorial, creating a more inclusive event.

Planning Considerations:

  • Verify if funeral or memorial services are subject to private gathering limits at home or venue-specific rules.
  • Stay updated on state government guidelines for the latest information on public gatherings, travel restrictions, and safety protocols.
  • Prioritize safety by adhering to health recommendations, especially if feeling unwell.

In these unprecedented times, families are redefining what a farewell looks like, finding solace in innovative and meaningful alternatives.

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