Lest We Forget: Meaningful Memorials with Funera


Losing a loved one who served in the Australian armed forces is a profound moment, and planning a veteran's funeral requires special consideration to properly commemorate their significant military contributions. At Funera Sydney, we understand the importance of crafting a farewell that respects and reflects the service of these men and women.
Unveiling Veteran Funeral Benefits

When embarking on the journey of planning a veteran's funeral, it's crucial to explore potential assistance available under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA). Families may be eligible for a one-off veteran funeral benefit of up to $2,000, alleviating financial stress during the planning process. Visit the Department of Veterans Affairs website for details on eligibility and the claims process. Additionally, families may qualify for up to $250 for floral and non-floral tributes to create a lasting remembrance.
Infusing Personal Touches with War Memorabilia

Every veteran's life is unique, and personalizing their memorial service is a heartfelt way to honour their memory. Consider incorporating military touches, such as displaying war medals, photographs from their service, or other personal memorabilia like a cherished slouch hat or uniform piece. Wearing poppies or sprigs of rosemary can symbolize remembrance, and draping a flag over the casket adds a poignant touch, whether it's the Australian national flag or a branch-specific ensign.
Embracing the RSL Poppy Service

Funera Sydney recommends including the RSL Poppy Service in the funeral or memorial. This simple yet profound addition involves an RSL representative presenting the veteran's military service record, reciting The Ode, sounding The Last Post and Rouse, and providing poppies for the service. The Poppy Service represents the veteran's final act of bravery, offering support to the family during this significant time. If the deceased veteran had connections with other service members or veterans, consider involving them as pallbearers to foster camaraderie and closure.
The Last Post: A Melodic Farewell

Rather than traditional funeral songs, opt for martial or patriotic melodies to enhance the service. The Last Post, a bugle call signifying the end of the day's activities during war, can be especially poignant. If possible, arrange for a live bugler to sound The Last Post at military funerals for a fitting tribute to the soldier's journey through life.
Commemorating with Memorial Plaques

Beyond funeral assistance payments, eligible veterans are entitled to an official post-war commemoration through the Office of Australian War Graves (OAWG). The OAWG provides war grave memorial plaques for burial sites and crematorium niches, inscribed with the veteran's details. For families choosing to scatter ashes, the OAWG can place commemorative plaques in the Garden of Remembrance, creating a serene space for reflection and remembrance.
Honouring Legacy Through Memorial Donations

In lieu of flowers, families may request memorial donations to charities supporting veterans. Funera Sydney suggests reaching out to local RSL clubs or organizations like Soldier On and Veterans & Veteran’s Families Counselling Service to continue the legacy of service and support for past and present servicemen, women, and their families.
As you navigate the intricate process of planning a veteran's funeral, Funera Sydney stands ready to provide compassionate guidance and support. Contact us at Sydney (02) 9954 6655 or Sydney (02) 9954 6655 for assistance, ensuring a respectful and meaningful farewell for your loved one who served our nation.
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