Managing a Deceased Person’s Vehicle in Sydney: Funera Sydney’s 8-Step Guide

Managing a Deceased Person's Vehicle in Sydney: Funera Sydney's 8-Step Guide

Losing a loved one is a challenging time, and questions about what to do with their car often arise. Funera Sydney understands the complexities families face, so we've compiled an 8-step guide to shed light on the process.

1. Clarify Ownership

The executor of the Will or estate administrator takes charge of the deceased's estate. Identify the owner of the vehicle, and if it's jointly owned, consider transferring it to the surviving joint owner.

2. Decide on Distribution

If the Will doesn't specify the car's fate, determine whether to transfer it to a beneficiary, sell it, or distribute cash proceeds among estate beneficiaries.

3. Vehicle Maintenance

Whether transferring or selling, assess if maintenance is necessary for a better sale price or valuation. Address any needed repairs before proceeding.

4. Maintain Insurance and Registration

Continue insurance payments for peace of mind until the vehicle is transferred or sold. Ensure the registration is up to date if inherited or sold, and settle any toll accounts associated with the vehicle.

5. Value and Sell

Whether transferring or selling, obtain three valuations for tax and probate applications. If selling is required, initiate the process.

6. Transfer Registration
If Registered:
  • Transfer ownership or cancel registration through the relevant road authority.
  • Return plates, and decide on custom plates, with potential eligibility for a refund.
If Unregistered:
  • Register it to a new owner with a simple transfer form or a sale form for bequests.

State-specific transport authorities can provide detailed guidance.

7. Cancel a Licence

Notify the roads department of the deceased's status, cancel licenses, and return plates if needed. Procedures vary by state.

8. Close Road Toll Accounts

Upon finalising the estate, close toll road accounts at a transport service centre, following specific procedures depending on the state. Outstanding fees must be settled, and refunds are typically processed within six to eight weeks.

Navigating the process with sensitivity, Funera Sydney supports families in managing a deceased person's vehicle with care and understanding.

Funera Sydney stands by you in navigating these delicate decisions. Our compassionate team is ready to assist with funeral arrangements, including managing a deceased person's vehicle. Feel free to reach out to us at our website or through our helpline:

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