Navigating Crematoriums and Scattering Ashes in South Australia by Funera Sydney

Navigating Crematoriums and Scattering Ashes in South Australia by Funera Sydney

When it comes to commemorating a loved one's journey in South Australia, understanding the options available can provide solace and guidance. Here's a comprehensive guide to crematoriums and scattering ashes in the region.

Crematoriums in South Australia

Wondering where to find crematoriums in South Australia? Here are five notable establishments:

  1. Enfield Memorial Park - Clearview
    • Operator: Adelaide Cemeteries Trust (State Gov)
  2. Centennial Park Cemetery - Pasadena
    • Operator: Centennial Park Cemetery Authority (Local Gov)
  3. Western Region Crematorium - Port Adelaide
    • Operator: Tony Monte Funerals (Private)
  4. Mount Gambier Cemeteries - Mount Gambier
    • Operator: City of Mount Gambier (Local Gov)
  5. Northern Region Crematorium - Gawler
    • Operator: Private
Scattering / Memorialising Ashes in South Australia

In South Australia, scattering ashes is governed by Section 36 of the South Australia Burial and Cremation Act (2013). While no interment right is required for scattering in a cemetery or natural burial ground, there are guidelines to follow:

Cemeteries and Memorial Parks

  • Explore permanent cremation memorials, like niches in walls or garden beds. Contact the respective cemetery for options and pricing.
  • Scattering of ashes is allowed in cemetery gardens; again, check with the cemetery for details.
  • Interment in a grave with other burials is possible with the owner's permission.
Scattering on Public Land and Parks

  • Contact the local council for permission to scatter on specific public land.
  • No permit is required, but compliance with council requirements is necessary.
Scattering on Private Land

  • On privately-owned property, you can inter or scatter ashes.
  • Obtain permission from the landowner; no permit is needed.
Scattering in Bodies of Water

  • No permit is required for scattering ashes at sea or in rivers.
  • If scattering from a vessel, get the boat owner's permission.
  • Consider using specially designed urns for water scattering.
Charter Services for Scattering in South Australian Waters

Explore memorial charters offered by various charter companies:

General Tips for Ashes Scattering

  • Know how to open the ashes container in advance.
  • Consider using scattering urns for easier dispersal.
  • Be mindful of wind direction to avoid airborne remains.
  • Respect others when scattering in public places.
Whether choosing a crematorium or opting for ashes scattering, these guidelines aim to provide clarity during a challenging time. For more information or assistance, feel free to contact us at Funera Sydney or call us at (02) 9954 6655 or (02) 9954 6655. We're here to support you in honouring your loved one's memory.
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