Planning your Funeral Ahead with Funera Sydney

Planning your Funeral Ahead with Funera Sydney

Considering and preparing for your funeral is difficult but important. Prepaying provides convenience, financial sense and peace of mind. This guide from Funera Sydney covers everything you need to know about preplanning options to make the right choice.

Why Preplan Your Funeral

Though uncomfortable, preplanning a funeral helps grieving families financially and eases deciding arrangements when emotionally vulnerable. It also locks in prices before increases, ensures wishes and saves money.

Including loved ones when deciding celebrations of life can be cathartic. Relieving family of guessing preferences and financial stresses is a final act of care.

Prearrangement Options

Funeral Insurance - Monthly premiums pay out lump sum to help cover funeral costs. Drawbacks are rising premiums with age, forfeiting payments if unable to pay and no input on funeral.

Prepaid Funeral Plans – Pay funeral home lump sum or instalments to cover future funeral services. Locks in prices and allows customising ceremonies.

Funeral Bonds – Invest lump sum payments towards funeral. Families may pay shortfalls if cost increases or investments underperform. Does not guarantee wishes.

Prepaid Funeral Advantages

Prepaid funeral plans have distinct advantages over alternatives:

  • Price Lock Guarantee – Fix funeral at today’s rate regardless of when it occurs. Avoid increasingly expensive insurance premiums and potential funeral bond shortfalls.
  • Personalise Experience – Tailor all aspects from music to venue reflecting personality. Share decision-making with loved ones for an uplifting collaborative process.
Arranging a Prepaid Funeral

Follow three steps:

  1. Choose a Funeral Director – Consider traditional vs alternative ceremonies and research prices when selecting. Share decision with next of kin.
  2. Select Ceremony Type – Fully customise including place, music, activities etc. Or get input from family for a meaningful, healing process.
  3. Pay Outright or Instalments – Many directors offer payment plans to assist cash flow.
Save Money Prepaying

Tips to reduce costs:

  • Pay early to maximise price lock savings.
  • Consider lower cost cremation over burial. Simple direct cremations through providers like Funera Sydney start at $999.
  • Take advantage of tax exemptions on prepaid funeral account assets.

We hope this guide helps you preplan your funeral with confidence. Please contact Funera Sydney to discuss options.

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