Planting Memories: A Quick Guide To Tree Tributes

Planting Memories: A Quick Guide To Tree Tributes

Did your loved one have a green thumb or a passion for nature? Consider a memorable tree planting ceremony as a vibrant tribute to their life.

What's a Memorial Tree Planting?

Ideal for nature enthusiasts, this unique tribute involves planting a tree, shrub, or rose garden with your loved one's ashes, creating a lasting memorial. Explore eco-friendly urns at The Living Urn for a beautiful, biodegradable option.

How to Arrange It?

  • Cremation Planning: Start by arranging a cremation via Funera Sydney's Website or call us at (02) 9954 6655. Our Memorial service includes a celebrant to help plan your tree planting ceremony.
  • Choose the Right Tree: Pick a tree or product from The Living Urn's selection. Contact us, and we'll handle the rest, even placing the ashes in the urn before delivery.

Why Choose a Tree-Planting Ceremony?

Trees symbolise life and provide a serene place for remembrance. It's a unique way to give back to nature while celebrating your loved one.

Wrapping Up

Planting a tree in honour of a loved one adds a special touch to saying goodbye. With Funera Sydney, we make the process easy. Plan the cremation promptly, and when you're ready, create a meaningful farewell with an eco-friendly Living Urn, leaving behind a legacy that grows with a tree or shrub.

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