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Preparing for Your Farewell: A Comprehensive Guide to Organising Your Own Memorial

At Funera Sydney, we strongly advocate for the importance of providing everyone with the opportunity to orchestrate their memorial. Despite a resounding 90% consensus among Australians on the significance of this process, many still entrust this vital responsibility to their loved ones. In a bid to empower individuals to articulate their desires and make informed choices, Funera Sydney introduces the exhaustive "Organising Your Personal Memorial Guide."

Anticipating and preparing for your memorial offers an unparalleled sense of tranquillity, mitigating both emotional and financial burdens for your family. As Australians collectively invest around $1.6 billion annually in memorial services, Funera Sydney underscores the necessity for thoughtful decision-making to avoid needless expenses.

The "Organising Your Personal Memorial Guide" encompasses three essential sections: Fundamental Memorial Details, Memorial Service Preferences, and Personal Touches in Memorial Planning. We will delve into each section to ensure that you take into account all the imperative particulars for your final send-off.

Fundamental Memorial Details:

  • Religious or Secular: Clearly outline your religious inclinations or specify if you prefer a secular approach.
  • Burial or Cremation: Unambiguously state your inclination towards burial or cremation.
  • Ceremonial Preferences: Decide if you desire the presence of the casket during the service or if you opt for an unattended burial/cremation with a subsequent ceremony.
  • Burial Plot Ownership: If you choose burial, confirm whether you possess a burial plot or if you have a favoured cemetery.
  • Memorial Director: Specify if you have a favoured memorial director or a prepaid memorial plan. If not, contemplate planning ahead with Funera Sydney.
  • Memorial Insurance: Provide details if you possess memorial insurance, including the policy provider.
  • Viewing Preference: Indicate if you would appreciate a viewing.
  • Internment Choice: Specify your preferred internment, whether it be burial in a grave, cemetery garden niche, scattering, or being retained in an urn with family.

If you do not possess a prepaid memorial plan at present, consider planning ahead with Funera Sydney. Dial 1800 202 901 or explore our website at www.funera.sydney.

Memorial Service Preferences:

  • Budgetary Preferences: Decide whether you wish to adhere to a specific budget.
  • Service Location: Choose the location or venue for the memorial service (e.g., church, crematorium, home, public space).
  • Wake Location: Specify the location or venue for the wake.
  • Service Type: Decide between a traditional memorial service or a memorial/celebration of life after an unattended burial/cremation.
  • Service Order: Choose the sequence of events, such as a memorial service followed by a graveside burial service or only a graveside service followed by burial.
  • Special Events: Include any specific events or components you would like, such as butterfly releasing, tree planting ceremony, or ashes set into fireworks.
  • Religious Elements: Specify any religious or ritualistic elements you would like to include.
  • Religious Mourning Events: Indicate if you would like to observe specific mourning events according to your religion.

Personal Touches in Memorial Planning:

  • Personal Flourishes: Specify any personal touches you would like at the service, such as dress code or displayed memorabilia.
  • Ceremonial Leader: Decide who will lead the ceremony (priest/minister, celebrant, MC).
  • Bearers of Pall: If necessary, identify bearers of pall.
  • Eulogy and Tributes: Indicate who will deliver the eulogy and tributes, considering the possibility of drafting your own.
  • Readings or Poems: List any readings or poems you would like.
  • Displayed Photographs: Specify photographs you would like displayed.
  • Musical Preferences: List songs, music, or hymns you would like.
  • Catering Choices: Indicate your preferred catering for the wake.
  • Charitable Contributions: Suggest organisations for charitable donations instead of flowers.
  • Invitations: Specify groups or organisations to invite and provide contact details.

Once concluded, store your memorial planning guide with your Will, if applicable. Avoid stapling it to any legal documents to prevent invalidation. Provide a copy to your executor, a trusted family member, or ensure they know where to find it.

To delve deeper into the advantages of prepaying a memorial service in advance, peruse our article on Planning ahead vs 'just waiting until later' at www.funera.sydney.

Empower yourself and your loved ones by proactively planning. Reach out to Funera Sydney at 1300 659 833 or visit www.funera.sydney to embark on your memorial pre planning journey.

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