Queensland’s Cremation Options

Queensland’s Cremation Options

Discovering the ideal resting place for your loved ones in Queensland involves a variety of crematoriums, each with its charm and pricing. Funera Sydney is here to navigate this journey with you.

Queensland's Crematorium Gems

Explore diverse crematoriums across the region:

  • Albany Creek Crematorium: Bridgeman Downs, Invocare
  • Allambe Memorial Park: Nerang, Invocare
  • Centenary Memorial Gardens: Sumner, Centenary Memorial Gardens Pty Ltd

Eternalising Ashes in Queensland

Choosing how to commemorate cremated remains is a personal decision. Consider these factors:

  • Loved One's Wishes: Were there any specific wishes?
  • Permanent Memorial: Interested in a lasting memorial?
  • Division of Remains: Do family members want a portion?

Queensland offers diverse options, from traditional cemetery memorials to unique choices.

Queensland's Scattering Spots

For those opting to scatter ashes, Queensland provides numerous possibilities:

  • Private Land, Beaches, Rivers, Parks: Reflect on personal preferences.
  • State Guidelines: Most locations don't require a permit.
  • Water Scattering: Seek permission for vessels and consider wind direction.

Tips for Ash Scattering

Keep these in mind for a respectful scattering experience:

  • Container Choice: Opt for an easy-to-use urn.
  • Wind Direction: Avoid airborne remains by considering wind.
  • Consider Others: Be respectful in public spaces.

Funera Sydney is here to support your emotional decisions, whether it's a traditional cemetery or a meaningful scattering location.

Explore possibilities with Funera Sydney and contact us today:

Sydney: (02) 9954 6655, (02) 9954 6655

Newcastle: (02) 4955 1110

Wollongong: (02) 4243 8755

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