Quick Guide: 9 Facts About Cremation And Ashes

Quick Guide: 9 Facts About Cremation And Ashes

When it comes to farewells, cremation is a rising choice for 75% of Aussie families due to its practicality and affordability. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty with Funera Sydney’s speedy guide.

  1. What's Cremation?
    Cremation means turning the body into ashes with intense heat instead of traditional burial.
  2. How's it Done?
    Funera Sydney's caring team collects the deceased, then either directly to the crematorium for a simple process or to a formal ceremony before heading to the crematorium.
  3. What's the Process?
    Before cremation, any impacting items are removed, and the body is sealed in a coffin. The cremator heats up to 800-1000 degrees, transforming the remains into ashes over a few hours.
  4. Cheaper Than Burials?
    Usually, yes. Cremations skip costs like plots and headstones. Direct cremation, the most affordable choice, ditches the ceremony, allowing families to plan a more personal memorial later.
  5. Can You Have a Memorial?
    Absolutely. Cremation offers flexibility. Funera Sydney supports families in planning a fitting memorial ceremony at any special place.
  6. Splitting Ashes?
    Yes, you can split them between decorative urns or as you wish. Funera Sydney makes it happen based on your preferences.
  7. Can Ashes Be Buried?
    Despite cremation, ashes can still find a final resting place. Funera Sydney suggests various options, including burial or creating a living memorial with a plant or tree.
  8. How to Arrange a Scattering?
    Flexibility is key. Families can plan a scattering ceremony at a significant location, with Funera Sydney offering suggestions and guidance.
  9. Cremation in the Bible?
    While the Bible mostly mentions burial, cremation aligns with returning to dust (Genesis 3:19). Funera Sydney respects diverse beliefs and customs.

In Conclusion:
Funera Sydney is here to guide you through personalised farewells, whether through burial, cremation, or direct cremation. Celebrate the unique life lived with us.

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