Skybound Memories: A Guide to Travelling with Cremated Remains

Skybound Memories: A Guide to Travelling with Cremated Remains

Moving forward on a journey with a loved one's ashes? Here's your quick guide to smooth and heartfelt travels.

Tips for Travelling with Ashes: Your Easy Route to Peaceful Journeys

  1. Pack Securely: Choose a durable, non-metallic container, like the crematorium's plastic option – it's sealed, sturdy, and travel-ready.
  2. Document it: Bring paperwork confirming the contents as cremated remains. Contact us for required documents, and check your destination's guidelines.
  3. Destination Check: Review your destination's specific requirements on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website for a seamless experience.
  4. Scattering Prep: If scattering, touch base with local authorities for any guidelines at your destination.

Airline Policies: Flying with Ease

  • Virgin Australia: Securely pack ashes in funeral urns, following specific cabin conditions.
  • Qantas: Your choice – checked or carry-on, under 7kg, and properly sealed.
  • Jetstar: Keep it simple – no documentation needed; ashes are not classified as dangerous goods.

Conclusion: Where the Sky Meets Sentiments

Follow these steps for a heartfelt journey with your loved one's remains. Create a unique tribute and 'go your own way' with ease. Ready to embark? The sky awaits.

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