Taking Loved Ones Skyward: Your Guide to Flying with Ashe

Taking Loved Ones Skyward: Your Guide to Flying with Ashes

When it comes to jet-setting with a loved one's ashes, the sky's the limit! Wondering if it's allowed? Absolutely. Whether it's for a heartfelt memorial or a scattering in a cherished locale, here's your quick guide to traveling with cremated remains.

Travel Tips for Ashes

  • Secure Packaging: Opt for a sturdy, non-metallic container. The crematorium's plastic container is ideal – durable, sealed, and ready to fly.
  • Paper Trail: Bring along documentation confirming the contents as cremated remains. Funera Sydney customers, contact us for the necessary paperwork. Some destinations may also require the Official Death Certificate.
  • Check Destination Rules: Before you go, double-check the specific requirements of your destination. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website is your go-to for embassy details.
  • Scattering Prep: If you plan to scatter the ashes, touch base with local authorities at your destination for any guidelines.

Airline Policies at a Glance

Virgin Australia

Securely package ashes in funeral urns for a safe journey. If in the cabin, follow specific conditions – a sealed urn, a letter from a funeral director or crematorium, and a smooth pass through security.


Checked or carry-on, the choice is yours. Just ensure the container is contaminant-free, properly sealed, and under 7kg. Don't forget the official document from the crematorium.


Jetstar keeps it simple – no documentation needed, and no declaration required. Ashes are not classified as dangerous goods.

Conclusion: Soar with Sentiments

With a few straightforward steps, take your loved one's remains wherever your heart leads. Flying with ashes lets you 'go your own way,' creating a poignant tribute that mirrors the uniqueness of those we hold dear. Ready to embark on this heartfelt journey? The sky awaits.

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