Unraveling Estate Matters: A Swift Guide by Funera Sydney

Unraveling Estate Matters: A Swift Guide by Funera Sydney

Step 1: Decoding Property Ownership

  • Rental Property: If the deceased rented, return it post-belongings removal.
  • Joint Ownership: Joint tenancy transfers to the spouse hassle-free. For 'tenants in common,' the share becomes an estate asset.
  • Sole Ownership: Sole ownership integrates into the estate for Will-directed distribution.
  • Rented Property: Lease continues; terminate with notice if needed.

Step 2: Swift Home Clearance and Asset Listing

Clearance post-inventory. Allow emotional moments, then value and list assets. Item removal follows official recording, except for Will-specified items.

Step 3: Valuation and Property Handling

Properties not jointly owned need valuation. Settlement for mortgaged properties is a priority. Properties usually sell during administration, awaiting Grant of Probate.

Step 4: Quick Property Transfer

Jointly owned? Transfers seamlessly. Sole ownership? Transfers via executor first. Publish a notice before distribution, ensuring compliance.

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