5 Tips about Advance Planning a Funeral

5 Tips about Advance Planning a Funeral

None of us enjoys discussing death. or wakes. But eventually, you'll leave this plane of existence and require a funeral. Planning your own will help your family and give you the send-off you desire. This may seem like death.

Know what could possibly happen

  • You must understand what occurs at a funeral in order to organize one. The preparation of the corpse, the ceremony, and the interment procedures are the three main elements.
  • For each, a number of choices are available. Cremation or embalming? A traditional funeral service, a cemetery service, or a private ceremony?
  • There will there be? Should the deceased be seen or not? In the ground, in a tomb, or with the ashes strewn in a special place?
  • There are online checklists for funeral planning that are available to help you determine the choices you'll need to make.
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Plan it before you Pay it

  • Funeral homes offer packages that guarantee lower prices if you purchase them now, years before you pass away. 
  • Planning is not the same as prepaying, "You may arrange a funeral in advance without prepaying."
  • Prepaying has the disadvantage that your circumstances may change between the time you pay and the time you pass away, according to Slocum. Funeral homes close their doors, leaving no one to carry out the arrangements you made. Or you can pass away in a city other than the one where you paid for a burial and a plot. Comparing prices at the moment of death is a much better way to save money, he claims.
  • If you're about to experience a Medicaid drawdown, you're the only exception. A pre-paid funeral may be a wise choice in that situation.
  • Create a payable-on-death account if you're concerned about having enough money to cover your funeral costs, advises Slocum. This type of bank account enables you to name a beneficiary who will get the funds in the account in the event of your passing. 
  • The intention is for your beneficiary to spend the funds to cover the cost of your funeral. You can make regular deposits into a payable-on-death account while you're still living because it functions exactly like a standard bank account.
Find out average costs

On its website, the FCA provides links to state-by-state itemized lists of funeral expenses. Check it out to get a sense of how much you may expect to pay for everything from a coffin to the price of your last hearse trip to the cemetery in your location.

Buy Around

Going a few miles down the road could result in thousands of dollars in savings. Make calls to various funeral homes to acquire prices. Some people might be hesitant to disclose costs, but if they do, persist. They must provide pricing quotes over the phone or in person in accordance with the Funeral Rule of the Federal Trade Commission.

Know the Full Package

Funeral homes offer packages of goods and services, but occasionally they contain more than you need. They don't always have all the products and services you want. A gravestone and plot in a cemetery, for instance, might not be included in a package. Request an upfront itemized list with prices for each service or good.
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