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End to end Antyesti Funeral Service Provider in Sydney

Our team is specialized and familiar in dealing with Indian burial rites and customs - whether you require a burial funeral, direct cremation, or cremation funeral service, we can deliver the funeral in the adequate time required to fulfill spiritual requirements. With over 15 years in the industry, we have a lot of experience with Indian funeral services in Sydney. We know how to work closely and compassionately with families to ensure that everyone is taken care of and can grieve properly when the time comes to say goodbye. In Hinduism, cremation is commonly preferred as the fire symbolizes the creator and burning of dead signifies the release of the spirit which then allows rebirth. For a direct cremation service, you and your friends and family can memorialize the departed by dispersing the ashes in sacred water or another important place. We keep respect and all traditions in mind, to put together an authentic Indian funeral service. We understand that you want the best for your loved one when they are laid to rest, and no matter your financial situation, we are determined to deliver you a quality service to help you look back on their life. At Antyesti Funeral Services, our warm and compassionate team works to accommodate any need you may have. If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to call, our team will be happy to help.
End to end Antyesti Funeral Service Provider in Sydney When someone you love passes away, it’s never easy to organise to all the funeral arrangements, especially while you’re in a time of heartache and mourning. We have the knowledge and understanding to arrange Indian funeral services in Sydney that fit with your personal, cultural and spiritual beliefs. Our funeral directors can take care of all the legal paperwork, the transfer, mortuary care, the coffin and flowers, as well as burial or cremation. Cremation also offers what is believed to be the fastest way for the soul to escape the body, so that they may be reincarnated and live again. In this way, Indian funeral services in Sydney are often also a celebration of the departed’s life. At Antyesti Funeral Services, we have looked after - Indian Hindu Funerals Indian Islam Funerals Indian Sikhism Funerals Indian Christian Funerals Indian Buddhism Funerals Indian Jainism Funerals With Kindness and Understanding With all our years in the industry, we have developed an understanding to be warm, open and attentive. It is important to our Indian funeral service directors that the funeral service fits in line with your religious and cultural beliefs, and properly honours and celebrates the life of your loved one. The most common religious belief in the Indian community is Hinduism. During a Hindu funeral, those in attendance participate in chanting mantras and celebrate the life over their lost loved one. Services Transfer – In the event of a death our funeral directors look after the transfer of the body to our funeral home for mortuary care.+ Mortuary Care – We work with morticians who look after and help preserve the body. They also dress the body, to be ready for the viewing. Cremation – Our newly proposed funeral home has its own crematorium, meaning we can cremate the body onsite. Some families also choose to be present and watch the coffin be inserted into the cremator as part of how they say goodbye. Coffin – Our funeral home also can work with you to provide a suitable coffin for the deceased. Registration of Death – We can provide your family the forms to register the death of your loved one. Death Certificate issues by Births, Deaths and Marriages – While we don’t issue the form, we can send it off to the Government. After filing the form, you can expect to receive the certificate in the mail within 2-3 days. Repartition To be closer with relatives, you may or your departed may for the ashes to be sent overseas to find rest in the family home or a natural place of beauty and significance in their youth. At Antyesti Funeral Services, our funeral directors can arrange the transportation and international transfers. We make all arrangements while keeping a deep understanding of importance and respect to the human remains through every step of the journey. Indian Funeral Directors At Antyesti Funeral Services, our Indian funeral directors are here to assist you in arranging the funeral service and answering the questions that you don’t have the answers to. We are here to help, in commemorating and celebrating the life and memory of your loved one. We tailor the funeral service to every individual, and the choices of remembrance and ceremony come down to the family and your departed. In addition to keeping with your religious and cultural beliefs, we would like to assist you in adding a personal touch to leave your loved one’s special mark of character on the day.
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