Funera's Burial Service Package Details

*Photos used are an example of the reflected products.
  • Phone or Zoom Consultation
  • Administration Fees
  • Registration of Death
  • Official Death Certificate Issued by BDM
  • SMS Photo Invitation
  • A4 Photo Frame
  • Transfers
  • Celebrant:
  • Body Preparation:
  • Flowers:
Please note Chapel, church, celebrant, clergy, gravesite, slab removal, and interment fees are not included in our package pricing as these prices vary among cemeteries. *BODY PREPARATION - Embalming maybe required subject to the persons condition and viewing requirements. Aesthetic Embalming slows the decomposition and temporally preserves the body. *COFFIN – Coffin sizing is based on a person 6 foot and 85kgs. Height and weight above these will incur an oversized coffin at an addition cost.
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