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LGBTIQA+ Friendly Funeral Service in Sydney
We are self nominated “Gay Friendly” funeral directors. Having worked with the Gay and lèsbian community, we appreciate that discrimination is often felt, and whilst dealing with the loss of a loved one can be difficult, enough open respectful communication will ensure quality service and freedom to celebrate their life. When dealing with vulnerable people, it takes genuine compassion, an open mind and a sense of humour. Every funeral should be poignant and exclusively about the individual. It is about spending quality time, in their family home, sifting through the stories of one’s life, in order to portray the person that was, their life, their trials and triumphs. Our deep seed values start with respect for everyone, from the deceased to the family as a whole. It’s about consistency, one contact throughout, from the initial call, support through the legal documentation, event management and attendance on the day. However, it doesn’t end there, our commitment extends past the funeral day, with little extras from delivering ashes, hand-delivering the death certificate, with certified copies and a helpful list of people to inform.
With a range of elegant styles & concepts to choose from we can personalise a coffin with your name and or photos. Themed to suit the personality of your loved one, our customised coffins add a creative touch to the funeral service.

LGBTI, Gay, Lèsbian Friendly Funeral Service in Sydney

During this time, we want you to know that we are here for you. We’ll always talk and work with you to personalise the funeral in a worthy ceremony to celebrate the life and character of your loved one. We are freely open to tailoring everything in the service, rather than push any person to conform to the funeral industry’s traditions. Personalisation with Authenticity and Compassion We are always here to assist you through the whole process and help you with anything that you need or don’t understand. We want to assist you all through the process of putting together a close, personal time of remembrance that properly honours your loved one. Privacy Through this difficult time, you can be rest assured that we respect your loved one’s privacy, as well as your own. Our gay friendly funeral directors exercise confidentiality, and we welcome your input in who you would like to know about the funeral or what information you would like to be kept secret. We understand that at gay, lèsbian and transgender funerals, not everyone may know about their sexual orientation and they may not have wished to have this knowledge known. Whether you or your loved one wish to have a large funeral service or a small one, our funeral directors can assist you. We want to help you rest assured that the funeral service runs as smoothly as possible. We want to help you respect your loved one’s wishes in life for how they are talked about, celebrated, and remembered. Personalisation In expressing who they were in life, we encourage loved ones to contribute to dressing their loved ones for the viewing by providing an outfit or providing morticians their special advice. Your loved one may have wished to display themselves in a particular way in the viewing. People sometimes take comfort in helping the deceased get dressed in their clothes, or adding jewellery, fixing their wig or makeup. In the case of a trans individual, we can advise the morticians to provide some form of chest binding or use their prosthetics. Expression Personalising funerals is of paramount importance to us. Every individual is different, as we believe every funeral service should be. Our gay friendly funeral directors are open and warm hearted. With many years of experience in the industry, we carry with us many suggestions and ideas for families and individuals to pay a personal tribute to their loved one. Funeral stationery designs, flowers and coffin wraps can be made in mind of your loved one, commemorating and celebrating their life and personality. In some LGBTI funerals (also known as gay funerals or lèsbian funerals) an individual may desire to include a rainbow flag coffin wrap to honour and proclaim their place in the community. Custom designs as well as floral, nature and wave designs are also possible, so that you or your loved one can have free creative expression in how they are seen and remembered as they are laid to rest. Kindness and Compassion For anyone who has lost a loved one, we know that you are already facing a tough time. We welcome anyone and everyone to our funeral home, irrespective of who they are or who they love. Our gay friendly funeral directors want to be with you. With all our years of experience in dealing with different families, we believe that kindness and compassion is never wasted, and our funeral directors have so much to share.
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