Funera and Feel the Magic have agreed on a beautiful synergy to help kids aged 7-17 who experience a death of a parent or sibling. There is nothing better than assisting a deserving charity. #feelthemagic #afterlifefunerals #funeralfundaustralia #support #camps #love #grieving #help #sydney #funerals

It can be hard to find the right grief support group for your teenagers and kids. You deserve support. Your family deserves support. And we’re here to provide that support.

At Feel the Magic, we go beyond traditional teenagers’ grief support groups and children’s grief support groups.

We have free camps, programs, resources, and a community of families just like yours to help your kids heal after the death of their mum, dad, brother or sister.

We understand your grief. We understand your family. We are here to help you. Camps running year-round 1,200 families supported Completely free services, thanks to our generous donors Grief support groups for teens and children

Feel the Magic is an Australian charity providing early intervention grief education programs for kids aged 7 to 17, who are experiencing pain and isolation due to the death of a parent, guardian, or sibling. Our aim is to create a world where grieving kids and their families feel supported, empowered and can begin to move forward with their lives.

1 in every 20 children aged 7-17 will experience the death of a parent. In Australia, just over 300,000 children will lose a parent before they reach the age of 18. To put this into perspective, there is most likely a child grieving the loss of a parent in every class at school.

In addition to this, children also experience sibling and legal guardian loss.

Grieving children who have experienced the death of someone they love can feel isolated and alone. They require ongoing support in developing strategies to cope with and move forward with their lives following a loss.

Our evidence-based programs have been developed by a clinical psychologist and are delivered by trained professionals. Our programs follow a structured psychoeducational framework to increase confidence and self-respect, teaching practical coping strategies to grieve in a healthy & positive way. We aim to reduce the mental health challenges associated with childhood grief.

Bereaved young people commonly suffer challenges including anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation, which contributes to the nearly one-quarter of young people in Australia who experience some form of mental health challenge.

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