Prepaid Funerals in NSW

“Purchasing a funeral plan lets us get on with our lives” Ease the burdens on your family at a difficult time by preplanning. Funera is a family owned and operated funeral home providing independent personalised funerals services throughout the greater Sydney area. Services include cremation, burial, repatriation, and preplanning. Management and staff are available 24/7, 365 days per year. Our brands include: Funera, Ayara Funerals, Black Tulip Funerals, LGBTI Funerals, Funeral Associates, Antyesti Funeral Services, Indigenous Ceremonies, and Island Repatriations. Phone (02) 9954 6655 or visit our website for more information. Total control over a funeral means knowing all details such as the selection of the funeral home, have all been carefully considered and planned according to your wishes. Nothing is left to chance, least of all the rising costs of funerals into the future. A prepaid funeral, with an associated funeral director offers a safe (capital guaranteed) investment, which is simple enough to understand.

Why Prepay a Funeral in NSW?

Save on costs - There are many benefits of planning and prepaying for a funeral in NSW. Funeral costs, along with the cost of living, are rising every year. With a pre paid funeral plan already in place, you help save money from the cost when you pass away. As a prepaid funeral is not considered an asset, it can be a way to also open yourself up to more pension entitlements. Make plans for the ceremony - At Funera, we also understand the reassurance it often gives to take care of the planning so that your loved ones later don’t have to. We want to be there for you and help you with information and guidance to assist you with planning the remembrance ceremony. Decide what happens to your body - In addition to the funeral service, you can also decide whether you want to be buried or cremated when you pass away, as well as where your remains will remain. Many families take comfort in staying close together even in death with a family tomb, burial plot or memorial garden. Take time on your decisions – When someone passes away, the family want to get on top of looking after the body and planning the funeral right away. Especially in the case of special religious requirements, this often needs to be a fast process. On top of being able to influence your own funeral service, preplanning a prepaid funeral allows you and your family to take more time in making decisions for the funeral so that you can ensure that they are meaningful. So that you can find proper ways to help comfort and be with your family and loved ones in your own way, when the time comes. Compare Services – Besides being able to take more time on choices for the funeral ceremony and what happens to your remains when you pass away, attaining a prepaid funeral also gives you time to compare different funeral services. It is important to find a funeral service provider that you feel comfortable around, and that they have people who would be able to comfort and guide your family in the time of loss when you are not around. We at Funera are dedicated to helping people across Sydney prepare their relatives and other loved ones for when they are no longer around. If you require any assistance, our staff are happy to help and answer your questions.
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