Funeral Packages Sydney
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We are an independent family-owned funeral service provider established in 2004. We thrive on knowing that your or your loved one’s wishes will be implemented as requested. We understand that the passing of a loved one is a very difficult time for those who are left to cope with the loss. We are here to help while providing individually tailored funerals to suit your budget, beliefs, culture and nationality. We offer a dignified service at the lowest price. We believe that a funeral service should be a celebration of life and the choices made at the time of arranging a funeral can help to truly celebrate the life of a loved one. We involve our clients in personalising the service making it much more memorable. Whilst offering sincerity and compassion, we aim to deliver beyond expectations. Planning can be arranged in the privacy of your own home, or via phone/email correspondence. We work closely with alternate venues for various preferences and budgets. We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands we live on. We pay our respects to all Elders, past and present, of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations. Click here to download our "Funeral Goods & Services Information Standard Price List"
Funeral Stationery
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Memoriam Cards
Memoriam Cards make lovely keepsakes for attendees of a funeral service. They may be used in place of an Order of Service and are commonly handed out at a funeral service. They may also be sent out following a funeral service to thank family and friends for their support. They are presented much like a postcard and are printed on a double-sided piece of card. We offer multiple options to personalise memoriam cards. These include the type of artwork, photograph sizes, the inclusion of religious verses and the number of cards to be printed. Should you prefer a design that is not shared on our website, please call our office and speak with one of our helpful staff. They’ll be happy to discuss your ideas, what you’ll need to share with us, how to go about placing an order and a cost estimate.
They are presented much like a postcard, and are printed on a double-sided piece of card.
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Holding Screens
All chapels and a number of churches have audio visual facilities. Honour the life of your loved one by letting us create a beautiful holding screen to be displayed on monitors or projectors at the chapel or church service.
Choose from the styles below - Pick a design to get started
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Order of Service Booklets
All booklets are individually personalised for your loved one and are scored and folded. Order of Service Booklets generally contain the program for the funeral service and can be held as a keepsake by the attendees of the service.
We print on quality card up to 300gsm for A5 booklets. Booklets can be 4 page or 8 page.
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Bookmarks are beautiful paper keepsakes that are often kept by attendees of a funeral service for years. While serving a practical use, they can also be a lovely reminder of a person that we love.
All bookmarks are double sided and printed in colour and can be laminated or celloglazed for ultimate protection.
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Celebration of Life Portrait
Photo retouching and or creation of a beautiful entrance portrait of your loved one in A1 size (594 x 841 mm) or A0 size (841mm X 1189mm) printed on gloss vinyl and applied to foam board.
Video Tribute
A sincere and beautiful way of celebrating the life of a family member or friend who has passed away to re-live the special moments and remember treasured times.
Send us pictures, video & music to create a wonderful tribute to your loved one.
All chapels and a number of churches have audio visual facilities to play your tribute.

Best Affordable Funeral & Cremation Packages for your lost loved one

Funeral Packages Sydney

Queries regarding the funeral needs of a lost loved one brings you to the Funera website. We are sorry for your loss and assure you that we will help in every way. We design tailored funeral packages that cover all the essential aspects of a funeral. Our packages also accommodate different cultural and religious beliefs. As compassionate professionals, we believe in simplicity and affordability and strive to ensure that all departed souls get a dignified funeral. Funeral costs in Sydney can, unfortunately, be on the higher end, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money on elaborate choices. The amount you spend says nothing about how deeply you love or miss your departed. You can have a lovely, memorable, and affordable funeral service with basic and simple choices. Our funeral directors can provide you with suggestions as to how.

Funeral directors

Funeral directors at Funera are familiar with loss, after dealing with and supporting many families who have lost a loved one. They are always compassionate and understanding. They always work with clients to make budget funerals more personal and intimate by listening to and understanding the family. We take a personal approach to our work and can help change the feel of a cheap funeral service with just a few small touches. Through our extensive experience of arranging affordable yet memorable funerals, we can also help reduce the cost of a loved one’s funeral.

Funeral home prices

For an affordable funeral service, you can find several price options at our funeral home. A basic funeral package can include additional accents like flowers or stationery to make the setting more beautiful or memorable. Our funeral home prices are noticeably cheaper than other funeral homes in Sydney as well, so you can have a little less to worry about leading up to the service.

Funeral packages

The first time you lose someone, it is not uncommon to experience a certain panic in not knowing what to do. Funeral packages, like the ones that we have put together at Funera, can be a good option to make sure you have all the essential parts of a funeral service covered.We have worked for years in this industry, and with our experience, we’re able to walk you through what to expect, as well as take over some of the responsibilities that you have been left with. Our caring staff are always empathetic, and we take the time to listen to and understand what you want out of a funeral service. We at Funera understand these simple things can hold significance in the culture, beliefs, memory, and character of your loved one; and our staff always takes the time to honour them.

Budget funerals

In addition to our funeral packages, our funeral home has an itemised list of funeral goods and services that we can cater to. If you have a particular budget or have a specific idea of what the funeral should look like, one of our funeral directors can help you put together a personalised list for the funeral.Our staff are always kind, compassionate and understanding. We want to help you give your loved one a dignified funeral service when laying them to rest. At this time, we are here for you, and we will not hesitate to help you feel more comfortable and at ease during this hard time.
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