How to Create a Personalised Memorial Service Programme

How to Create a Personalised Memorial Service Programme

At Funera, we understand how important it is to honour the legacy of your loved one through a customised memorial service. An excellent way to make the service unique is by creating a personalised programme.

Here are some tips to make your programme special:

Use Photos
Include several pictures of your loved one throughout their life. Baby pictures, wedding shots, family gatherings, holidays, etc. These visuals give guests a window into their life.

Share Memories
Dedicate a page for friends and family to share their favourite stories and memories of the deceased. This provides a glimpse into the impact they had.

Highlight Hobbies
If your loved one had particular passions like travel, music, sports teams, cooking, etc., incorporate images or details that highlight these hobbies. It adds meaningful personalisation.

Use Their Creative Talents
Did the deceased write poetry or songs, paint, or have other creative skills? Include samples of their art in the programme.

Add Touching Quotes
Find inspirational sayings, poem excerpts or bible verses that capture the essence of who they were. These thoughtful words evoke emotions.

Express Gratitude
Include a tribute page thanking people who supported your loved one such as carers, friends or community members. This recognises their importance.

Insert an Obituary
Memorial programmes are a place to feature a well-written obituary summarising their life journey. This helps inform guests.

At Funeral.Sydney, one of the top funeral companies in Sydney providing affordable funerals and burial services, our team is happy to provide guidance on creating a memorial programme that truly honours the uniqueness of your loved one. Please reach out if we can assist in any way with funeral planning, affordable cremation or other funeral services.
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