Requirements for Getting a Death Certificate

Requirements for Getting a Death Certificate

In Australia, a person's passing must be reported to the office of Births, Deaths, and Marriages. Additionally, as part of the estate administration procedure, the next of kin or executor of a Will normally needs a death certificate. Before the cremation or funeral may happen, more paperwork is needed. This article discusses how to obtain a death certificate and what steps are necessary to register a death.

Why do you need to Get a Death Certificate?

Usually, your funeral company will register the death and apply for the death certificate on the family or next of kin’s behalf, as part of their service. However, there are a few documents you must first present. These papers are required in order to cremate a deceased person, transfer them from an institution (such a hospital or nursing home) to a crematorium, and file a death report with the office of Births, Deaths, and Marriages. Australia's states and territories each have their own regulations outlining the process for registering a death. The complete details of the death record are displayed on a typical death certificate. Typically, you'll require one to close bank accounts, deactivate utility services, and handle other estate-related tasks.

Things I need to Register a Death

In Australia, three documents are typically required following a death. Which are:

The Cause of Death on the Medical Certificate, Form for Death Registration; and Certificate of death

Before any funeral director may take the deceased individual into their care, a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death is required. It is also the document required to file a death certificate application and register the death. To obtain this cause of death certificate, the funeral director will communicate with the attending physicians. The next of kin won't typically need to be involved. A doctor or other medical professional will confirm the death and offer the cause of death certificate if your loved one passed away in a hospital or nursing home. You must have had a physician or a nurse trained in palliative care visit the home to confirm the death if the person passed away there. In order to get the proper papers, the funeral director may ask you for information about the dead person's most recent treating physician.

The police must be called and the deceased person may need to visit the coroner if death was not anticipated and a doctor won't offer a cause of death certificate. Your funeral director will get in touch with the coroner's office and request the relevant papers if the deceased was handed over to them following their death.

The following step is often for the funeral director to apply for the death certificate and register the death on behalf of the family or next of kin. All necessary forms will be provided by them.
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