How to Plan a Memorable Memorial Service on a Budget

How to Plan a Memorable Memorial Service on a Budget

Losing a loved one is incredibly difficult. On top of grief, families now face the task of planning a meaningful memorial service. At Funera, we understand the desire to honour the deceased when money is tight.

With creativity and flexibility, it is possible to plan a special memorial service on a small budget. Here are our top tips for affordable funeral planning with one of the top funeral companies in Sydney:

Get Creative with the Venue

Traditional funeral homes can be expensive. Consider community centres, parks, places of worship, restaurants or even a family home as affordable venues to host a memorial service. Focus on finding a location that was meaningful to the deceased.

Make Homemade Touches

Creating programs, photo boards, memory books or videos helps make the service special. These personal touches show love for the deceased in place of expensive floral arrangements.

Rethink the Casket

Funeral caskets are a major cost. For direct cremation services, an affordable alternative is a basic cremation container or even transporting the body without one. Having a small viewing beforehand or using a rental casket for services can also lower costs.

Provide Refreshments Potluck Style

Catering and serving food at memorial services quickly adds up. Instead, have attendees bring a homemade dish like they would for a family reunion. Not only is it budget-friendly, but sharing favourite foods of the deceased makes for a meaningful celebration.

Take Advantage of Free Resources

Your funeral director in Sydney can suggest clergy or volunteers willing to officiate a service for free. You can also find beautiful public locations, play meaningful music, share stories, and create a memorable service on a tight budget.

At Funera, with affordability in mind, we can advise you on cheap cremations, funeral plans, and other cost-saving measures. A memorial service is about honouring your loved one's life, not spending large sums of money. Contact us today to start planning a personalised service that fits your budget.
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