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We are an independent family owned funeral service provider established in 2004. We thrive on knowing that you or your loved ones wishes will be implemented as requested. We understand that the passing of a loved one is a very difficult time for those who are left to cope with the loss. We are here to help while providing individually tailored funerals to suit your budget, beliefs, culture and nationality. We offer a dignified service at the lowest price. We believe that a funeral service should be a celebration of life and the choices made at the time of arranging a funeral can help to truly celebrate the life of a loved one. We involve our clients in personalising the service making it much more memorable. Whilst offering sincerity and compassion, we aim deliver beyond expectations. Planning can be arranged in the privacy of your own home, or via phone/email correspondence. We work closely with alternate venues for various preferences and budgets. We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands we live on. We pay our respects to all Elders, past and present, of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations. Click here to download our "Funeral Goods & Services Information Standard Price List"
Funeral Stationery
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Memoriam Cards
Memoriam Cards make lovely keepsakes for attendees of a funeral service. They may be used in place of an Order of Service and are commonly handed out at a funeral service. They may also be sent out following a funeral service to thank family and friends for their support.They are presented much like a postcard, and are printed on a double-sided piece of card.
They are presented much like a postcard, and are printed on a double-sided piece of card.
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Holding Screens
All chapels and a number of churches have audio visual facilities. Honour the life of your loved one by letting us create a beautiful holding screen to be displayed on monitors or projectors at the chapel or church service.
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Order of Service Booklets
All booklets are individually personalised for your loved one and are scored and folded. Order of Service Booklets generally contain the program for the funeral service and can be held as a keepsake by the attendees of the service.
We print on quality card up to 300gsm for A5 booklets. Booklets can be 4 page or 8 page.
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Bookmarks are beautiful paper keepsakes that are often kept by attendees of a funeral service for years. While serving a practical use, they can also be a lovely reminder of a person that we love.
All bookmarks are double sided and printed in colour and can be laminated or celloglazed for ultimate protection.
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Celebration of Life Portrait
Photo retouching and or creation of a beautiful entrance portrait of your loved one in A1 size (594 x 841 mm) or A0 size (841mm X 1189mm) printed on gloss vinyl and applied to foam board.
Video Tribute
A sincere and beautiful way of celebrating the life of a family member or friend who has passed away to re-live the special moments and remember treasured times.
Send us pictures, video & music to create a wonderful tribute to your loved one.
All chapels and a number of churches have audio visual facilities to play your tribute.

Lidcombe Coroners Court

The Coroner’s Court

In the case of a sudden, unexpected or traumatic death, the NSW Coronial Jurisdiction is in charge of conducting a proper investigation into the death. In Sydney, this takes place at the Lidcombe Coroner’s Court. They will take your religious and cultural needs as required and look to the senior next-of-kin for updates and permission to conduct a post-mortem. In addition, they are here to support you with respect and compassion.An autopsy is carried out by a licensed forensic practitioner. This is an examination of the internal organs to determine the cause of death. The incisions are made and closed carefully, and in most cases the marks won’t be seen with clothing. At Funera, we have experience in dealing with the Lidcombe Coroner’s Court and can let you know a little about what you can expect.

What happens after a sudden death occurs

The police will report the death to the coroner in the event of an unexpected or unexplained death to the NSW Coroner. Then the body of your loved one is taken to the forensic medicine department within the coroners court in Lidcombe. For regional areas, they may be taken into a local hospital instead. There are other forensic medicine institutes in Newcastle and Wollongong as well. The NSW coroner will call you asap to let you know of the death and ask questions about the conditions and circumstances they may have been facing before their death. Before a postmortem happens, the NSW coroner will let the senior next-of-kin know. At which point they can send a request in writing through email with their reason if they object. In the case the Coroner insists that a post-mortem is still required to locate the cause of death, the senior next of kin will be advised they have 48 hours to submit a request to the Supreme Court to prevent a post mortem. If the senior next of kin does not want to proceed with court action, it is recommended to immediately inform the coronial support staff.

Support services

The Lidcombe Coroners Court also has support services to speak with the other people in your family, doctor, school or workplace. They can also help assist you to understand what is needed or what will come up with the coronial process. As well as refer you to counselling and other supportive services.

Mortuary Transfer

After the unexplained death of a loved one, you can usually expect the autopsy and coronial process to take 2-3 days before your funeral director can arrange transportation to the funeral home. Sometimes delays can happen, and it is best to finalised funeral dates once your loved has been officially released.


We, your funeral director can arrange a viewing after the body of your loved one once they have received mortuary care, usually as a part of the funeral service. You can also arrange to see the body at the Lidcombe coroner’s court and forensic facilities as well, after talking with coronial support staff. Please let us know if you require any help in this regard.


After the body is transferred into our care, we can complete all the paperwork for the death certificate and registration of death. The Coroner can also issue an interim certificate during the time of the investigation.
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